Why video games are so expensive to develop?

Well, it has been always discreet information about the expense for the creation of video games the video games organizers but when the amount increases unrealistically high, then it can be startling.

how much it cost to develop a new video game

It is very difficult to discern that there are video games whose procreation requires hundred million dollars. The expense of developing a Video game is higher in cities such as San Francisco because there the entire development cost involves the salary, Rent for the working space, Insurance, sick leave, instruments used for constructing games, and any other overhead expenses required.

People tend to compare the cost of film industries to that of gaming which can be very misguiding. It is because when a movie is made, the only cost is required for composing of the movie. The budgets for generating a video game also include the cost of marketing. The video gaming has become a mainstream due to its increasing demand as it is probably the most used thing as a leisure activity. For instance, a very famous game of 2011, Battlefield 3 has been promoted through various means of social media, online through television and internet and offline through newspapers, magazines, and billboards. The gaming is more successful as compared to the films when it comes to the source of entertainment. The huge budget video games constitute those that allow their players into the adventurous world where they can explore. Gaming world includes the cost of inspecting each location from various angles so that it provides scope for movement of players in each and every direction. Also, films are mere of three hours or maybe even less than that whereas the video games are more than 10 hours of duration and many games are even more than that.

The best video games offer best cinematic exposure and also have breathtaking qualities which are worth it. But it can be a concern for the publishers who prefer to serve the customers those services which they already love rather than spending million dollars on the novel and untried gaming patterns. So, the already hit games have been creating new records simply when modified a little through making lesser changes on previous formulas, rebooting and creating a sequence of the past games. Although some publishers have comparatively smaller budgets, their progress in innovation is extremely greater. The lo-fi graphics are used for making these video games. The games that are played on mobile phones do not require larger budgets because they are made on short screens that have restricted interfaces. One of the famous video game Grand Theft Auto V collected almost three times the cost of production used for making that particular video game i.e. $800 Million on the day of release.

One of the important reasons why the production cost of video games is higher is because of the time and the asset creation within the already set dates. There are a large number of people who constitute a big team for making video games which add on to the cost. Hundreds of people are to be paid salaries which cost a huge amount of money for more than a year. Thereafter, the marketing cost is separate due to the shopping of multiple things such as various commercials and TV advertisements along with digital social media marketing.

There is also cost given to employees who have been working hard for the generation of novel video games. There are various people required such as animators, modelers, and other multimedia artists along with texture artists and their salaries are quite high ranging from $70,000-$90,000 and there are various programmers required whose salaries vary from $90,000-$110,000. Minimum 50-100 employees are required for the whole work on a yearly basis so you can imagine the cost of creation. The marketing cost of games such as Forward Unto Dawn episodes cost about $5-$20 million.

Also, a high-resolution character asset has to be created as the protagonist of the game which can require greater time. There are many teams required such as those of researchers, actors, scriptwriting team, and those who do testing of the game. Therefore, the cost of making video games is very high as the technological advancements have been increasing on a rapid rate and new levels of creativity and uniqueness have to be inculcated and for this, huge time and resources are required so that these problems can be solved.