Wellcalm Master – A New Browser-based Simulation Game

Wellcalm Master is a new browser-based simulation game, where you are the Master, a well-loved customer in a Virtual Host Club. The unique part about this game is that you talk to real live people during your Master Treatment session. The main niche of this game is that they are the only industry that offers professional acceptance of any personality and nurturing growth and development of individuals towards self-actualization.

Wellcalm Master Trailer

Inside your private room, the hosts will treat you as the most important person and listen to whatever you want to share. Your hosts will provide understanding, compassion and genuine human and personal interaction that you can’t find in any other game. Wellcalm Master breaks the fourth-wall on granting anyone an easy access to their personal confidant and supporter. As some games require high-end specifications and system requirements, all the game needs is a google chrome browser and internet and you are good to go.

The game developers made sure that entering your private room will be hassle-free as there are no downloads, plugins or additional login required, just a click of a button, and your private room opens in a new tab and you can easily do anything you want with your computer as you can continue to interact with your host. Each session starts with 10 minutes timer and gives you full control to easily extend the timer to 1 token every 10 minutes. You also have a way to give tips to Hosts as appreciation for the precious moment.

Wellcalm Master Features two main themes, the Sky Bar and Beach Cafe, where the magic happens.

Wellcalm Master sky bar hosts

The Skye Bar is skyline bar that spotlights the need for Love and Belongingness, with a unique token called the “The Cocktail Token” used mainly as the currency to book your host. The service here focuses on any relationship frustrations that Master’s naturally encounter. You can freely share your concerns about romance, family, friends, and even your self-appreciation. Your host will listen attentively, sympathize and facilitate your deficiency in love or even attain a higher level of love.

Beach Cafe Hosts

The Beach Cafe is a beach resort that provides restoration of Esteem and strengthening of Ambition for career and life goals, with a relaxing token called “The Coffee Token” utilized primarily to talk your host. The service here is great for aspiring people who want to achieve something in their life but are faced with frustrations and emotional fatigue. A convenient and easy to each place rest your mind and refresh your goals in taking a new career path and finding the true happiness in your career. Your hosts are all professionals and experienced in not only providing advice but also giving the encouragement and strength you always yearned for.

Wellcalm Master is a new industry that aims to provide these unique services with a reasonable support from the Master. We have interviewed the developer ask about the price. They mentioned that with each session with a host, the chosen host is also compensated, at the same time, they also pay for the software and research materials used to create an effective environment for Masters to recover and achieve their personal growth. Usually, the cost will be $5 per session, but they wanted to lower the price to $3 only so that it can be easily accessible to anyone. Currently, they offer a great sale of 5 Cocktail Tokens and 5 Coffee Token for only $20, which saves you $10. This is their introductory price as they will open soon on June 1, 2018.

You can check their website here: https://www.wellcalmmaster.com/
They also have an event of giving a chance to be invited for their early access free of charge, all you have to do is subscribe to their mailing list for exciting offers and news regarding their service.

Here are some of the User’s for their early access.

French Gentleman visits Wellcalm Master Beach Cafe

Beach Cafe Chat with Beauty

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