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Viz Stramed Sailor Moon R Movie Trailer in English Dub

Viz depicts the film:

Much sooner than Mamoru discovered his predetermination with Usagi, he gave a solitary rose in because of a forlorn kid who helped him recuperate from the crash that asserted his folks. This long-overlooked companion, Fiore, has been scanning the cosmic system for a blossom deserving of that sweet signal long prior. The puzzling blossom he finds is lovely, yet has a dull side-it has the ability to assume control planets. To aggravate matters, the unusual plant is fixing to a dismal new space rock close Earth! Confronted with an adversary blossoming crazy, It’s dependent upon Sailor Moon and the Sailor Guardians to unite as one, stop the approaching decimation and spare Mamoru!


The film initially opened in Japan in 1993. Geneon Entertainment beforehand discharged the film on VHS and DVD between 1999-2004. The “Make Up! Mariner Guardians” anime short likewise debuted in 1993.

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