All the different types of anime figures

There are different kinds of anime figures available in the market even anime figures in jars. You might be wondering what are anime figures made of. This article shows you the types of anime figures you can buy or starter kits like Gunpla Starter Kit.


The Nendoroids are anime small anime figures with big heads. They are made of PVC or ABS. A unique feature of them is their small size which is about 10 cm tall. They usually have a cute appearance. Their appearances and other body parts are interchangeable, giving them a scope of various conceivable articulations and postures. They are used as a toy and being collected by anime figures collectors.

Cast of figures

As suggested by the name, these figures have parts that are removable. They’re commonly made of PVC. Albeit, recently ‘candy-resin’, a material that is known to mimic the sentiment skin superior to PVC has been utilized. These statues are for the most part planned as hentai statues, where you can strip the anime character and see its naked body. Today the cast of figures is not strictly hentai and some figures can be stripped to underwear or bathing suits.


The name gachapon refers to the vending machine capsule toys that are very popular in Japan and elsewhere. The gachapon toys are a high-quality product when compared to the other lower quality versions. These toys are often licensed from the popular characters in video games or other entertainment industries. There are two types of gachapon available. One is blind boxes and another one is bottle cap figures.


Blind boxes: In recent years, the term gachapon also comes to refer to blind boxes. It is the same product and it has sealed packages instead of a machine.

Bottlecap figures: This is also referred to as a fallout. These bottle cap figures are mounted on a plastic bottle cap. This type is sold from vending machines or blind boxes. And there are not actually functional bottle caps.

Trading anime figures

Every manufacturer has its own variations of trading anime figures. The figures normally buy in sets and it has one secret special figure. These figures have the highest quality than the gachapons. When you are purchasing these figures you don’t know whether you will get just color variations or you get repeated figures.

Prize figures

These figures becoming more popular and in this most cases are linked to their close sibling scale figures. These types of figures are connected to the lottery system in Japan. You can visit the manufacturer’s booth to purchase the voucher or coupon, which comes with the letter. A letter is randomly selected and the prize is associated with the selected one. A higher-value voucher will reward you with the highest value items.


Banpresto produces most of the sailor moon, dragon ball, and one piece.

Scaled figures

Some figures are created proportions of the original figure. They are called scaled figures. They can be large-scale anime figures. Whether that is 1/6 or 1/7 or 1/12, every measurement is scaled down. If you want a more realistic feeling, something you have to look at in any size scaled figure.



A true anime figure that comes with actual, natural movement and also combines with beautiful and articulation. They are cute anime figures. These Figma anime figures are poseable and you can able to move their joints into almost any position. For anime fans who want to draw, the plain body Figma allows you to sketch and it helps you to become good at sketching human characters. The Figma figures are similar to action figures. They have ball joints where you can move their arms, legs, and even head in most cases. The good thing about these types of figures is that you can practically have them form in any pose you’d like, therefore they are more enjoyable as toys.


We all know about the G.E.M series has super high quality and this series aimed at female fans. These anime figures are based on popular comic books and anime characters. Most of the figures are made 1/8 scale series and some of the figures are made to no scale. Most of the time, the G.E.M figures are made in limited numbers. These figures are often Digimon figures

or bigger pokemon or some other characters surrounded by items that cannot be scaled well. This series has price tags to match. If you get one on your hands, you are the lucky one.  

Scaled PVC anime figures

They’re named this since they’re made with a material called Polyvinyl Chloride, abbreviated as PVC. Regularly, the parts of the figures are mass-created by factory machines and are assembled by hand. They are intended to be scaled to a particular size, normally straightforwardly corresponding to a real size character. The vast majority of these statues are scaled from 1/eighth to 1/fifth, yet not all. Some fighters scaled at 1/1 (full scale!), or all the more ordinarily 1/4. There are also anime statues scaled at 1/tenth. The details of these figures are high to make them as real as possible. The costs go side by side with the size and detail of the figure, somewhere in the range of $70 up to $300. There are extraordinary events in which the costs might be higher or lower.

Pre-Painted anime figures

Pre-painted figures are normally the most costly and most attractive figures made of PVC material. They are complete sculpted figures or statues of the anime character. These figures are made to resemble exactly the anime character they are copied from. sully pre-painted figures are the most detailed anime figures.

Model kits

These anime dolls are made of plastic and you need to assemble them yourself. You get a package with parts and assembly instructions. If you like to build things yourself and enjoy the process these anime figures are for you. You can read more about model kits on our post “Gunpla For Beginners – Getting Into Gundam Models