The Twelve Wars – New Anime Series And A Movie

“Twelve wars” Anime story revolves around Twelve wars which are held once every twelve years. Those who won killing all the fighting warriors and won the last one can have one of their wish to come true.


Blu-ray & DVD “Twelve Great Battle Director’s Cut Edition Vol.1” (released on December 27), “Twelve Wars Director’s Cut Edition Vol.2” released on January 31, 2018.TV anime “Twelve Wars” Release event will be held at Animate Ikebukuro head office on February 4

Nishio Inoue and Nakamura Akira made the first tags of the novel “Twelve Wars” decided to make a TV animation, and further a toaza visual was released.

Nishio Ishinha in charge of the story Comment It is
my first experience to make a novel that novelized by himself the manga I served as an original, so I am really looking forward to what kind of finish it will be. Written inspired by Mr. Nakamura’s wonderful character design, “Twelve Wars” was a warrior of twelve people, but when I looked back, it was a battle that I wanted to write again. ”

Nakamura Hikaru in charge of the illustrations Comment
I have never had such a happy and honored thing that I let you design a character of such a funny novel. I am excited from now as to whether I can watch those many battle scenes with this video and music after showing the animation of the advance notice.”

Main characters

Wild boar

The warrior of Yakushi  (wild boar) is a young lady of the last winner of the great war “Iino family”. From the eldest daughter’s pride, she kicked off her sister who was supposed to be the representative and took part in the competition, she pledges to gracefully fight out with the skill “like a hot water” (non-reload), but unexpected shape It will confront the first enemy.

Rabbit rikkin

The warrior Anger is known for its battle style called “rabbit rikkin”, but behind it is concealing the skill of secreting various poisons in the body It was. In the rule that all warriors who participated in the war have been poisoned and have time limits, the anger who gained an advantage, killing other warriors and smiling with a strategy to wait until the number decreases.

Rooster warrior

Rooster warrior · garden garbage (chicken) does not have strong weapons as much as other warriors but instead skills that “borrows the cormorant eyes of the cormorant” that borrows the sight of the birds and how sneaky betrayal is done without irritation Due to its strength, he has survived the harsh battlefield.
However, she is the first to shake in front of a warrior sand grain (Syuriyuu) who wants to find peace in such a fight. She refused to invite sand grains.

 Senshi warrior

Senshi warrior · sand grain (Sharuru) is a powerful unrivaled warrior with skills to freely manipulate liquids, individuals, and gases by receiving hands from the teacher, water monkeys, rock monkeys, and vaporized monkeys. But she believes in using that power in the right direction and has brought numerous fights to a ceasefire with high bargaining power over the battlefields around the world.
Even in the twelve wars, sand grains trying to find the way of peace are asked whether there is a meaning to save those who do not like that. 

Twelve Wars voice acting team

The warrior of “child” Sleeping living: Warrior of Horie Shun
“Ox” Fujii: Warrior Yuichiro Umehara
“Tiger” warrior jealousy: Hiromi Igarashi
“Warrior of Uru” Kaoru Okamoto: Nobuhiko Okamoto
“Dragon” Warrior brothers : Takuya Eguchi
“warrior” warrior brothers and brothers: Kozuke Toriumi
“Warrior of the afternoon” Masaru Midori: Miki Midorikawa
“Undefined” warrior Milky Way: Warrior of Cho
“Sapporo” Sand grain: Saori Hayami
” Rooster “warrior chickens: Ayane Sakura
” dog “of the warrior Oko突: Tomohiro Nishimura
warrior exceptionally talented meat of” I “: Yoko Hikasa

Director Naoto Hosoda, series composition Mr. Sayayuki Murai, character design Karate Karuteru, music is Mr. Shiina Shiina. Avex Pictures is responsible for music production and graphics.