Top 5 Iconic Weapons in Anime

Action is the part and parcel of many animes. Even though all the anime characters in an anime might not be weapon wielders, the most iconic ones are the ones who use one. The secret behind their coolness is their weapon. But not all weapons are the best. Some of them make one look cool just by existing.

Among the innumerable weapons introduced in anime, there are some that are off the charts. These weapons might not be the best but they have the potential to be one. And the story behind them is interesting enough to make them hold a special place within the viewer’s heart.

They might not be the sharpest sword or the fastest shooting gun, but they are iconic enough to be remembered. Simply mentioning their name will help one to visualize the weapon. And if the weapon is wielded by a similarly iconic character, the weight of its influence increases manifold. That’s why we have gathered the top 5 iconic weapons in anime.

#5 Sandai Kitetsu Wielder: Roronoa Zoro Anime: One Piece

Even though the weapon we are gonna talk about is Sandai Kitetsu, all of the Kitetsus are iconic in their own sense. The story has recently shown us Nidai Kitetsu but Shodai Kitetsu, which is considered the best among the three, is still an enigma. Thus if we are to talk about Kitetsu, then only Sandai Kitetsu is the one that has some known story behind it.

This sword was first introduced to the story back in Loguetown along with Yubashiri. While Zoro was trying to buy two katana from a shop, he found this cursed Katana for sale. The shop owner, Ipponmatsu, warned Zoro about the Swords’ wicked nature but Zoro proved his worth.

He flung the sword into the sky and held out his arm. The sword nearly missed his arm and pierced into the wooden floor. This act showed Zoro the Sword’s true worth and it has been his companion ever since. Whenever Zoro is acting sinister, it’s his Sandai Kitetsu that the opponents receive.

#4 Zangetsu

Wielder: Ichigo Kurosaki Anime: Bleach

Bleach is a series that is filled with swords. So it is natural that the sword or Zanpakuto that the main protagonist, Ichigo, uses would be epic. And the series doesn’t disappoint the viewers in this case. Ichigo’s Zanpakuto, Zangetsu is a Sword that has all the aspects to make it one of the most iconic weapons.

He first inherited his Zanpakuto from Rukia. At that time the sword had a longsword form. But as Ichigo trained, his sword went through many iterations. And when his Hollow powers were revealed, the sword attained its true form, an eastern Katana. Most of Ichigo’s power is because of this sword. And that is why this sword holds a special place within our hearts.

The way it releases the owner concentrated Retsu, no other Zanpakuto can hold against it. And with white Ichigo, Zangetsu’s spirit form, there are no physical limits to Ichigo’s power.

#3 Punisher

Wielder: Nicholas D.Wolfwood Anime: Trigun

There are a total of ten Punishers that exist within the Trigun universe. But the one that had the most impact is the one wielded by Nicholas D.Wolfwood aka Nicholas the Punisher. The gun being a large Cross-shaped one gives off the vibe that it was made to punish the evildoers. And hence the name Punisher was achieved.

But mixing this gun with a regular one would be a big mistake. That’s because the gan has oddities other than just its shape. It is one of the most powerful weapons in the series. This has some hidden features. At the front, the gun is a normal machine gun. But at the back, it is a rocket launcher!

And if you think that’s not special enough then hold on to your seat. The cross itself is a weapon case. It can hold up to four Grader 2043 pistols on each hand of

the cross. So in short, this one weapon is a mish-mash of ten weapons. And not just anybody can have one as it is reserved for the elites of the Eye of Michael.

#2 Spear of Longinus Owner: NERV

Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion

With its biblical references, it is no surprise that the series Neon Genesis Evangelion has its own Lance or Spear of Longinus. This is the weapon that has supposedly killed Jesus in the Bible. And within the anime, this was the weapon that bought down a God-like Angel, Arael.

The spear itself is is like a bident but the two prongs form the handle while they wrap each other in a double-helical shape. But the spear is not limited to this. It has metamorphic properties that help it change its shape as per requirement. Humanity got their hands on this monstrous weapon during the First Impact.

And ever since NERV safeguarded it along with Liliths’ body. But when Arael appeared the spear made its appearance. Unit-00 threw the spear at Arael and it penetrated the A.T field that was assumed impenetrable. The spear hit Areal and took down the God-like being in a single shot!

#1 Dragon Slayer Wielder: Guts Anime: Berserk

Godat, a talented blacksmith in the mountains of Midland, never thought that the excessively heavy greatsword Dragon Slayer will become this iconic. He was ashamed of it till he met Guts who skillfully wielded the sword as if it was as light as feather. This is the sword that Guts used since his survival from Eclips and became the sword that defined him.

The sword is nothing special, it is extremely ordinary. Except for its massive size and weight. And this uniqueness is what made the sword perfect for its wielder

Guts. When the sword is used, it looks more like a hammer that has sharpened edges. With just a swing it can cut through demon kin with ease.

To many, this sword might not be iconic for it has the basic properties. There is no supernatural power sealed within it and it also looks kinda ordinary. Still, to the hardcore anime watcher, Dragon Slayer is the best sword for this is the sword that defines Guts.