Top 5 Anime for Kids

kid-friendly anime series

As we all know, anime has an extremely wide variety of themes and audiences. If you’re an adult, then watch whatever you please, but not all anime series are directed to kids, some are too violent and gore, others are just too complex for kids to even understand and follow the anime, and so on I could list more reasons why not all the animes are for kids, but what I really want to share is some good anime series or movies that are the perfect fit for little otakus to enjoy as they are kid-friendly anime series.

If you are an otaku parent (like me), maybe a proud aunt or uncle, or the cool big cousin and you want to share anime with your kids, nephews, and nieces, cousins or any little one, but you are not sure what will be a nice movie or series that they will enjoy, but also want to be careful not to make them watch something they’re not ready to watch, here is a list of kids anime series and movies.

The genre of anime that is dedicated for kids is called Kodomomuke, which literally means “directed at children”

Top 5 Anime For Kids


Ponyo AnimeYou can’t talk about kid-friendly anime without including something from Studio Ghibli.

During a visit to the surface, a goldfish princess encounters a human boy named Sosuke, who gives her the name Ponyo. Ponyo desires to become human, and as her friendship with Sosuke develops, she becomes human-like.



Chi is a story about how a baby cat gets separated from momma cat. While wondering around and trying to find his momma he encounters a little 2-year-old boy that takes the kitten home to take care of him.
The parents of the little boy try to find a suitable home for the kitten because they can’t keep him, but soon get too attached to the kitten.