Top 3 Manga Websites To Read Manga Online Free

Manga is one of the unique gems of Japanese culture because it probably originated back in the 12th century and is still popular worldwide. In fact, many people are dying to visit Japan because of their favorite characters in some manga. There are many anime and manga theme parks in Japan for manga fanatics, like Nijigen No Mori in Hyogo, where you can visit Naruto’s Hidden Leaf Village and eat Naruto’s favorite Ichiran Ramen!

Well, if you are anything like me – a big fan of manga who can’t afford to buy all of the newly published manga and anime publications, let alone travel to Japan – these top 3 manga websites to read manga online for free are just precisely what you need.

Mangakakalot is arguably the best safe site to read manga online as it has been up and running for over six years without any security issues. Their manga variety is abundant, as you can find up to 40 different manga genres and all the popular Japanese series on the site. What’s more hidden rare manga gems are also made available for free for you to binge read.

The website is clean and ad-free. That is not the only best thing because Mangakakalot is registration free. You don’t have to go through a lengthy registration process to read a manga. Their website interface is colorful and easy to navigate. You can easily get access to Latest Manga, Hot Manga, New Manga, and Completed ones right from the homepage.

If you choose Mangareader to read manga, you are an intelligent user. Mangareader is not only a free site to read manga, it also provides high-quality scans, fast manga updates, zero ads, pop-ups and whatsoever. Like Mangakakalot, you don’t have to register to read manga, which is so convenient!

I like Mangareader because the site cares about its reader experience (maybe hence, its name). They put the language labels on the manga thumbnail to save the readers’ time regarding the translated manga. You can also post comments while reading manga, and Mangareader will publish your comments on the homepage, which creates a sense of community, in my opinion.


Mangadex is probably the youngest website of the three websites I introduced to you in this post, as it was established in January 2018. Despite that, they are growing fast and strong, approaching 14 million unique visitors every month and catering to all languages.

Since the main revenue of Mangadex is from affiliate programs, and it is run by scanlators for scanlators, readers are free from ads and pop-ups when visiting the site. The UX/UI is innovative and user-friendly with a dark background.

It is hard to find free manga sites that provide you with ad-free and good manga at the same time. I hope after reading this post about the top 3 manga websites to read manga online free, you will not have to waste your time looking for a secure and free place to read manga ever again.