Top 10 wonderful anime characters of 2k16

7.Hifumi Takimoto

One of the individuals from the amusement generation organization’s character configuration group. Hifumi Takimoto is particularly bashful to the point of abstaining from conversing with individuals or taking a gander at them specifically. So as not to make her vibe uncomfortable alternate workers cooperate with her through the organization’s PC dispatcher framework. At the point when Hifumi’s imparting along these lines she is vivacious and active.

8.Yuri Plisetsky

Yuri!!! On IceYuri Plisetsky has long blonde hair that spreads one side of his face and blue-green eyes. He is shorter than normal and has a thin casing; due to his appearance, he is nicknamed the Russian Fairy. Yuri has un-fathomable ability and is depicted by many to be a rising star in the figure skating world. Regardless of his age, he could outperform numerous more seasoned skaters to pack the gold decoration at the Rostelecom Cup and the Senior Grand Prix Final.