Must Watch Anime – Top 10 Must Watch Anime Series So Far

2. Must Watch Anime – Tokyo Ghoul


Tokyo Ghoul is a story of a young man, Ken Kaneki, who’s attacked by a ghoul, named Rize Kamishiro, pretending to be a human.

The man attacked turned to a ghoul after surviving by using a secret medical procedure.

Now he’s caught up between two of the ghoul clans, one which wants to live alone and take over Tokyo, and the other which wants to live along with humans.

1 thought on “Must Watch Anime – Top 10 Must Watch Anime Series So Far”

  1. biased
    I found the first 3 rather shit, and the 8th one a mediocre copy of SAO, whitch was just a poorly made anime adaptation of it’s own novel anyway.
    The person who wrote this list should watch more anime, and include more series from different genre’s, instead of putting the same shit in my face 3 times with attack on titan, ajin, and tokyo ghoul… watching them once is one thing, but they don’t live up to the potential of the ideas in their script.
    a good anime doesn’t require anything extreme in their script, just make the characters live up to their potential, like how To aru Kagaru no Railgun, or To aru Majutsu no Index were written. But these were just 2 examples, I could have brought a hunred other just as good as these, instead of the crap I have to see here…

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