Top 10 Epic Harem Manga With OP MC

Looking for harem manga with Op MC? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, I’m going to share with you the 10 best harem manga with OP MC.

What Is Harem?

You have come across this term before but have you ever wondered what harem actually is? If you watch anime or read manga, you might think that harem refers to men or women having multiple wives. But in real life harem refers to space allocated to spaces allotted to women in a Muslim household.

Quite Shocking Right?

This word has actually taken from Arabic where one man has several wives and this tradition is continuing today. Even in today’s modern world, this is still going on where Muslim men can marry up to 4 wives and this is all according to the Islamic court.


You can check about it on the internet if what is stated here is true or not. Well anyways even if it continues today’s modern women have opposed it several times and because of that it has drastically decreased but you will still be able to see it in real life in a Muslim household.

Now let’s still stick to the point of this post and have a look at our 10 best harem manga with op mc.

10. Dungeon Kurashi No Moto Yuusha

The main character of this manga was a hero who saved the kingdom by defeating the demon king. But right after that, he was chased by the kingdom because he was the only threat to the kingdom after the demon king. While running away he thought of an idea to hide in the dungeon where the demon king resided.

After he went inside the dungeon something unexpected happens. After entering he sees a girl dressed in a maid uniform. When he looked at her, he saw she was the daughter of the demon king he saved. he also found one of his companions who fought with him against the demon king. it’s a good harem manga you must try it out.

9. Martial Peak

This is a story about a martial arts disciple Yang Kai who had no talent in martial arts and was in the lowest position in his sect. One day he accidentally found a heavenly treasure that changed his whole body constitution. Right after that his life totally changed and many fortunate events started to happen with him. Even his luck with the ladies increased a lot.

With his newfound strength and hard work, he started to pave a better future in the martial arts world and find several women to serve him. It is one of the most popular Chinese harem manga that I will highly recommend.

8. I The Strongest Demon King Have Regained My Youth

The main character here is a demon king or the strongest being in the world. To continue his reign for an even longer period of time he decided to visit Demon Realm to get a treasure that could make himself younger.

But after he entered inside of the demon realm he noticed the time difference in both the world was very different and by the time he came to his world several hundreds of thousands of years have passed by and his kingdom is o more. But right after that he soon found out the last remaining people of his kingdom to be girls. Now with her and her teammates, he decides to rebuild his nation.

7. Iron Ladies

Ever thought that a loser in life could make a harem of 3000 women then it’s time for you to be amazed. In this harem manga, the protagonist was a university graduate who was looking for a job, and right after applying he was proposed to become a fleet admiral taking charge of more than 3000 women.

The story takes place on advanced earth where there are multiple spaces and planets where humans have reached out to. Now people no longer remain on earth but many different planets as well and can travel anywhere in space. it is really one of the best harem manga with op mc that you should try out.

6. Lord, It Doesn’t Matter

It is an isekai kingdom-building manga where the protagonist was transported to a different world in a body of a prince. After getting isekaied he thought his life would be easy because he is a prince but that was only his imagination.

His own father the emperor decided to make him a sacrifice so that his first son could become the king. But after the protagonist found that out he left the palace and moved to the countryside along with his female knight. it is a really great harem manga with op mc that you should try. It also has great art.

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5. Spirit Blade Mountain

The protagonist in this harem manga is one of the smartest people in the world. He possessed a special soul that only appeared in the world in hundreds of thousands of years. But because no one in the world could guide him he was left out. But later he was assigned to a thicc teacher who was an immortal for a long time.

After seeing no one could guide him he started his own training to become the best in the world. It is a really good manga with a strong male lead and great art. I’m sure you will love this one and it also has an anime adaptation.

4. Back To Rule Again

This is a post-apocalyptic manga where the mc returned in time before the spread of the zombie virus. After returning in time he decided to protect everyone close to him from the zombies. Using his memory of the future he decides to do everything in his power so that he could survive in the world.

He also made a group that follows him and obeys and it mostly consists of girls. All of these girls are really strong and support him in his time of need and takes care of them. it is a really good harem manga with op mc that you are gonna enjoy a lot.

3. The Hundred Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really Love You

The protagonist of this manga was rejected by 100 girls in his pre-school. After being left heartbroken he decided to pray in the shrine and there god of love manifested herself in front of him and gave him a blessing that he will meet 100 girls who would really love him. And if by any accident they leave him they will die in an accident or any other reasons.

The Hundred Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really Love You

The god also gave control to him. if you want to turn over your life and get 100 girlfriends too then make sure to read this manga out. It is a really wholesome harem manga you will enjoy reading it.

2. Demon Spirit Seed Manual

This is a story about an otaku who was trying to go to japan but instead ended up traveling to another world. Now just like any other isekai manga where the protagonist gets some kind of cheat skill he didn’t get any. He failed in getting admission and had to start working in a field.

One day when he was getting attacked by a succubus a spirit came out of the seed and helped him survive. But the story is not that simple the girl remembered him from his past life who made her life miserable. now what will happen to him read it to find out. This harem manga with op mc also has an anime adaptation make sure to check that as well.

1. Tales Of Demons And Gods

This is one of the best harem manga with op mc you can ever find. The main character was the strongest sage in the world but was killed by being ambushed by other sages and monsters. After dying his memories of everything that happened return to his past self.

After getting all those memories he started to use them to get stronger along with helping others to get strong too. He also decides to protect everyone that he couldn’t in his past life. It is absolutely the best manga which is one of the most popular manga in china and has readers in millions.

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