Top 10 Anime Girls Who Look Hot in Their Swimsuit

Who doesn’t like anime girls in swimsuits, well embrace yourselves as we count down to the top 10 anime girls who look super hot in their swimsuits! Number 3 is going to skip your heartbeat!!!

10.Satsuki Momoi (Kuroko no Basuke)




If your looking for hot anime girls in bikinis, look no further. This anime girl in her bikini is wat your are looking for!

9. Mio Akiyama (K-On!)



Sexy anime girls in bikinis make you sweat? These cuties will make your heart pump out of your body.

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  1. fairy tail alone has 10 better than this whole list exclueding Mirajane. I mean Mira would be inclueded in the Fairy Tail list too.

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