Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Release Date Announced

Tokyo Ghoul getting a new season, release date out!?

The above headline had been revolving around the internet from a long time now!

Tons of rumors about Tokyo Ghoul getting a third season has been a mainstream lately!

But considering the facts, the official announcement has been made in favor of the third season of Tokyo Ghoul. Even though there were few minor gestures by the writer of Tokyo Ghoul, Bob, has teased that the new season will be the darkest of all!

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3

As we all know that, Madhouse Entertainment is well known for its dark creativity and as the writer himself teased the viewers by saying that, new anime is going to be the darkest amongst all released by Madhouse.

The third season will come out in 2018!  Sui Ishida announced it on twitter.

the anime series will be centered on the story featured in Ishida’s “Tokyo Ghoul: re” manga. A new hero named Haise Sasaki will be the main character of the Tokyo Ghoul show. trailer video does show that Kaneki voice actor Natsuki Hanae is returning as the lead. the studio in charge of the production will be Studio Pierrot.

The director in season 3 was replaced and Odahiro Watanabe will be the new director.

The third installment for the “Tokyo Ghoul” anime has been officially announced.

Below is Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Trailer, I hope you’re happy now!