Titan Stage Play Kazutaka Yoshino Acrobat Dies After Accident

Kazutaka, who was a 38 years old young acrobat passed away this Monday due to a severe accident. He was the main staff member for the upcoming stage play Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan manga.

According to the reports, he was doing the rehearsals inside the Tokyo Disney resort and he fell from three 10 meters tall building from the 5th to 2nd floor of the amphitheater. He was on the shoot and was checking the wire action sequence himself and he suspended himself in the middle of the floor. In doing so he fell down, though the emergency was called immediately. He suffered from the on spot cardiac arrest and was declared as death upon his arrival to the hospital.

The reports also suggest that the police is inspecting the area of the accident.

Yoshino was a previous individual from amusement organization Cirque du Soleil, specifically its Mystère inhabitant appear in Las Vegas, and its ZED occupant appear in Japan. He was Cirque du Soleil’s first Japanese entertainer on the Chinese post device. His official organization site records him as a gymnastic performer artist and trapeze artist organizer of “a noteworthy Maihama amusement stop” where he performed in numerous exceptional occasions.


The Attack on Titan arrange play is planned for a long keep running of 55 exhibitions, from July 28 to September 3, at the Maihama Amphitheater. The play’s site portrays Yoshino as Japan’s top male elevated entertainer