Some tips on making best profiles for gaming forums

Some tips on making best profiles for gaming forums

Online gaming is a fast rapidly growing community that should not be taken for granted. There are so many online communities being set up for the gamers as a platform for them to play the online games, chat with the other gamers and to build up a community which will allow them to trade items or games with one another. Some of the platforms are the Steam Community which is one of the most used software for the gamers to play and download games online. Another one is Garena, which focused more on chatting. Steam even has their own community sites such as forums, trading place and online market where gamers can sell and buy items.

With the increased use of online gaming community, it also means that a gamer is no longer a anonymous character as they need to create a profile in order to ensure that people will be able to recognize them every time they are in the game. There are so many pro gamers which rose up to fame with their online gaming profile such as Munshi who plays Dota and so many more. It is important to have a  profile. Most of the online gamers do not use their own name or picture for their online profile, they tend to choose the nickname which describes them most. SOme of the players would use their nickname which is catchy and easy to remember. That is why, in making profiles for gamers, the name is really important. You might end up being a pro player and don’t want to sound dumb or weird. Getting catchy names and easy to remember is crucial. Choose a one-word name or maybe add your initial to make it sound professional. Team Liquid is really famous for being one of the best Dota teams and their members do not use their own name. When they are playing, we would not really know what their real name is. It is also called stage name nowadays. So choose your name wisely.

Next, the profile picture is another important factor in creating an online gaming profile. Please restrain from using your selfie, an expert gamer would use some other pictures such as their gaming characters or even an avatar. People are allowed to create their avatar for free at some random web tools.

The popular web tools such as Create Cartoon for Yourself and Character Creator are really famous for producing high-quality avatars which can be customized by you on your own. You don’t have to ask for pros to do it for you when you can have one on your own. These web tools will allow you to choose your gender, then customize your avatar according to your preferences. You can use it as your profile picture and trust me, people love avatars as much as they love a mysterious gamer.

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Lastly, do not enclosed your private information on your gaming profile as it could be dangerous and not really cool at the same time. Being a gamer means you want to hide your real self as much as you can because it’s somewhere you can be yourself. You don’t really want to let others know your gaming profile especially your parents or your colleague. Maintaining some mystery is really good in getting new followers and fellow gamers friends. In addition, exposing your real information can be harmful as some people would go around and hack your credit card or account in order to buy the stuff from the online community. In some recent discovery, a gamer had been arrested for hacking more than 100 credit cards where he used it to make online purchase for the items used in some games. Therefore, it is always safe to be more careful with whom you share your information.

 Those three things are the main things that one should focus on when they are making profiles for gamers. Good and attractive profile picture, cool names and only sharing some basic infos are really important. Keep it simple and slay the games, that way, people will want to know more about you. Don’t worry about getting caught up by your teacher for playing games beyond godlike, they will only know you once you are famous!