Thomas Vu, Head Dev At Riot Games, On Philanthropy

Philanthropy is not just about the transfer of money from the rich to the poor. We live in a human society that is struggling to create a just and equal atmosphere. There’s a big line between the haves and the have nots. And such a line is getting bigger by the day. However, more and more successful people throughout the world have been striving to make a difference for years. They want to leave a legacy. Driven by no other thing but by the sheer love for humanity, they want to do something that will make a difference, which will gladden hearts and put smiles on the faces of thousands to millions of people across the globe. One of such individuals is the phenomenal game developer Thomas Vu.

The Vu Family Philanthropy

Thomas Vu believes that philanthropy is supposed to be a way of life. It’s more about an undying desire to use time, resources, and talent to create a better society. He and his wife, Rebecca, have set up a strong family philanthropy presence, known as the VU Family Philanthropy. The Rebecca & Thomas Vu family philanthropy mission is to empower women, support the underprivileged, pediatric cancer research, Parkinson’s research, religious freedom, and mental health programs. The Vu family is dedicated to going beyond these scopes.

Meet The Man

Thomas Vu is an American citizen, a game developer, and a media executive. He was born on the 28th of March, 1978, in Da Nang, Vietnam. He bagged a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) in Cognitive Neuroscience & Human Computer Interaction from the University of California, San Diego. Right from 2001, Thomas has wholly devoted himself to creating, innovating, and promoting the growth of computer games.

Presently, Thomas Vu is the Co-Head of Franchise Development at Riot Games and lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Rebecca, and two daughters. Long before his rise to the position of Head of Franchise, he was the head of creative, management, and designs. He has devoted his time, skills, and experience to so many projects, including,

  • League of Legends
  • The Sims 2
  • SimCity 4
  • Legends Rising
  • League of Legends Origins
  • Warhammer Mark of Chaos
  • KDA
  • Spore.

He works now as the Co-Head of Franchise Development, implementing the League IP for film and television at Riot Games. He is also an investor, with three companies in his portfolio, including, Eterneva, Avant Arte, and OZ, US.


Leadership, Franchise Development, Video Games, Game Development, Game Design, Character Animation, Art Direction, Graphics, Project Planning, Concept Design, Research, MMORG, MMO, and Balance.


Mr. Vu is a highly skilled and experienced man. Between 2005 and 2007, he served as a producer at Namco Bandai Games, releasing Warhammer Mark of Chaos. In addition, he was the game director, producer, and designer at Electronic Arts for 11 years (2001 to 2011). Here, he led the release of products like The Sims 2, Spore, SimCity 4, SC4, SimCity 4 Deluxe, Darkspore, and much more. Before rising to Head of Franchise Development, he worked in Riot Games from 2011 till the present. He was the Lead Producer and Head of Creative Development, Head of Content, R&D Advisory Board, and Riot Forge Advisory Board.