Things To Know Before Buying A Gaming Mouse

Buying the best gaming mouse is definitely worth the time and money, especially if you think about gaming seriously. Most gaming mice are designed in cutting edge technology, advanced sensors and extreme comfort while playing long games.

gaming mouse hand greep

 Though there are lots of high-quality gaming mouse out there that you can choose from, you have to base your decision on rationality taking into account your specific needs. This guide will explain to you what you need to look for in a gaming mouse so you can make your purchase decision from a more informed position.

Specific purpose or generic?

While purchasing a gaming mouse, you have to come out clear about your requirement. There are tons of mouse varieties which are specifically geared towards genres such as role-playing, multiplayer online, first-person shooting, real-time strategy etc.

A specific-purpose mouse will give you definite advantages compared to a generic one in terms of customization, the number of buttons, smoothness of the click etc. On the other hand, if you are someone who loves to play all kinds of genres, then you should go for a gaming mouse that suits a broad range of games.

Mouse grips

gaming mouse grip


There are three types of mouse grips, palm grip, claw grip and finger grip. You need to know which type of grip you are comfortable with. The palm grip is used by gamers who want to rest their entire palm and fingers on the mouse and hence the mouse size will be slightly bigger in this case.


In claw grip, the fingers are moved slightly backward so that it is in a perpendicular direction. In finger grip, only the tip of the two fingers and thumb touch the mouse and the rest of the hand stays freely in the air.

Sensors and Sensitivity

Gaming mouse comes with various advanced sensors such as optical sensor, laser sensors. Laser sensor performs well on smooth and reflective surfaces and has excellent Dots per Inch (DPI) i.e. sensitivity. The optical sensor has less sensitivity but it works well even on roughest surfaces.

Sensitivity of a mouse can range between few hundreds to thousands but selecting the right sensitivity and the right sensors will go a long way in avoiding the frustrations while playing games. Programmable buttons are also an important feature that can enhance the functionality of your mouse when required.

Weight of the mouse & lift off distance

The weight of a mouse also plays a role in determining the comfort level while playing the game. Weight helps you feel the mouse while playing and right weight is therefore important for the precision and control you require in the game. Recent trends in this include adjustable weights which you can fine tune according to the requirement.

Right weights help you to make predictions easier i.e. the mouse will be able to identify erratic hand movements while clicking the buttons and ignore them. You can also check the lift off distance, i.e. the height you can move the mouse from the surface at which time the mouse stops functioning.


Buying the right gaming mouse has never been a walk in the park as there are tons of options to choose from.

However, when you understand the important things that need to be considered before making the purchase decision, it can be an enjoyable experience. We hope you found this guide helpful in that regard.