Things From Anime That Would Be Weird In Real Life

10. Narrating every single details of any event loudly!


People would go deaf!

11. Going all tsundere on someone


Not sure if someone gonna love you for sending mixed up messages!

12. Running with toast and noodles and other stuff in your mouth!


Not sure if your stomach gonna like it.

13. Beating someone to death just to make them your friends!!!


Never happening in real life though!

1 thought on “Things From Anime That Would Be Weird In Real Life”

  1. Actually, I am pretty damn sure that if you act yandere on your crush or mate or if you make friends by beating the to death,, odds are, you are going to jail.

    Also, that tsundere thing isn’t all weird, as some people act like that in real life, kids (and cats) being a prime example of this. Frankly, I could describe myself as one, to the ones I love.

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