Things From Anime That Would Be Weird In Real Life

We keep on making lists to entertain you all, readers of our website. We previously shared “Awkward Moments Every Anime Nerd Have Experienced” and today we’re going to share things which would look ridiculously funny in real world but look just fine in anime world.

1. Having your own theme song!!!

Kill la Kill - Ragyo Kiryuin, Satsuki's Mother (first appearance)
Family reunions would never be the same

2. Nose bleeding after seeing a cutie!


Hiding your excitement would get even more difficult.

3. Tearing of clothes after a simple touch.


Looks like Hulk Hogan designed these clothes!

1 thought on “Things From Anime That Would Be Weird In Real Life”

  1. Actually, I am pretty damn sure that if you act yandere on your crush or mate or if you make friends by beating the to death,, odds are, you are going to jail.

    Also, that tsundere thing isn’t all weird, as some people act like that in real life, kids (and cats) being a prime example of this. Frankly, I could describe myself as one, to the ones I love.

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