The Top 10 most expensive Pokémon Cards in the Sun & Moon series

Ever since the origin of Pokémon, about 20 years ago, swapping and trading Pokémon Cards gained popularity amongst kids. Pokémon is one the most played card games amongst kids and teens in the world. With the ability to hunt for rare and valuable Pokémon cards, upgrading and trading Pokémon’s that benefits your set of Pokémon cards you possess, this card game has unlimited dimensions. No one gets bored of this super addicting game.

Pokemon Cards

The reason for Pokémon becoming more and more popular is the fact, it has always come up with new adventures and new varieties. It keeps shifting its dimensions, adapts new trending technology and game goes on. The factor of hunting new Pokémon’s keeps interest in the game and one never gets enough.

What makes some Pokémon cards expensive than others?

Every card has its own specific characteristics attached to it. Some cards are so rare that you hardly find one or two in the market meanwhile some cards are abundant but their characteristics are so good, their demand outnumber their availability. There is actually no definitive price for a Pokémon card to which it can be traded or sold. But there are factors that set its value.

  1. It has more characteristics and features.
  2. It belongs to rare series (secret rare, full art, rainbow rare etc)
  3. It is not likely to get rotated by another card.
  4. It is extremely rare to find.
  5. It is more in demand.
  6. PSA Graded Pokemon Cards generally sell for a lot more than their ungraded counterparts, assuming they get a high grade such as 9 or 10.

The price of a Pokémon card fluctuates over the time as new and new Pokémon cards are introduced in the market. Some Pokémon cards become even more expensive and rare while some lose its value as they get rotated by some other Pokémon card which has better abilities.

Topmost expensive cards in Sun and Moon series:

Let’s dive in to see the ten most expensive cards floating around the market from the sun and moon series. As mentioned earlier, there is no distinctive value for a card and the price varies according to the factors mentioned earlier. The prices are estimated after a thorough research and visiting various trading markets online.

So let the countdown begin:

Field Blower ($33)

The secret rare Field blower trainer card will cost you thirty-three dollars and the reason this card cost so much is its ability to get played in every single deck. Not all cards possess this property. It’s an ultimate universal card that can join any deck. It will get you rid of tools like the Choice band and Float stone trainer cards that help you get less damage while retreating. It will get you rid of stadium cards thus makes it a must-have card in your deck.

Fairy Energy ($33)

At number nine we have secret rare Fairy Energy Pokémon trading card. Why is Fairy Energy so expensive? Because Gardevoir GX is one the best deck in the game and Gardevoir GX requires this shiny Fairy Energy.

Gardevoir GX ($39)

Rainbow rare Gardevoir GX comes at number eight with thirty-nine dollars in price. As discussed earlier, it is one of the best deck in the game that has won international championship occurred in August 2017. Rainbow rare Gardevoir is a shiny, stylish card that makes it amongst top expensive cards.

Choice Band ($ 42)

At number seven comes Choice Band with forty-two dollars. It is similar to Field Blower Trainer card. But what makes it more valuable is the fact that field blower can only be played one or two times but Choice Band can be played three to four times during a match. Making more damage to GXs and EXs. Metagross GX, Drampa GX, Darkar GX uses choice band inflicting 240 damage to the opponent. Tapu Bulu GX uses it confliction 210 damage. It is a must-have card in your deck.

Double Colourless Energy ($60)

Secret rare Double Colourless energy comes at sixth most expensive Pokémon trading card of Sun and Moon series. It is not played in every deck but can be played in a lot of decks. The most important ability of this card is it can be played four off. Gardevoir GX and Golisopod GX play it. With the passage of time more and more decks are coming in the market that is using double colorless energy making it high on demand, thus the price is expected to rise in future.

Tapu Lele GX (70$)

Not the secret rare, not rainbow rare but simplest basic form of Tapu Lele can be as expensive as seventy dollars. The reason is, you need Tapu Lele in your deck. It has not so many extraordinary features, but it helps you to get yourself establish to start very fast. With its ability to search for supporting cards you can get Brigette, N, professor Sycamore and Vulpix that can really boost you while initial startup.

Tapu Lele Gx ($75)

At number four, full out Tapu Llele comes with seventy-five dollars. It is a slight shiny version of original Tapu Lele with an increased price of five dollars.

Ultra Ball ($ 75)

At number three, comes Ultra Ball. People prefer Ultra Ball than Field Blower or Choice Band is due to it’s a four off. It can be played four times. Although one can play simple ultra ball, people like bling. So secret rare Ultra Ball comes with a price of seventy-five dollars.

Tapu Lele ($ 95)

Number two comes again with Rainbow rare Tapu Lele with ninety-five dollars. There is not much we can say about Tapu Lele because it has already been discussed, Rainbow rare version of Tapu Lele comes with great good looking features. Its sleek design makes it more attractive and more high in price

Charizard ($ 120)

At number one, comes Charizard with one hundred and twenty dollars. It is not a special card, but everyone loves Charizard. The Rainbow rare version of Charizard makes it appealing and more demanding. Thus the price of Rainbow rare Charizard is so high.

So, if you are a die-hard Pokémon TCG fan then you must go and collect all these top ten Pokémon cards and make your collection worth a lot.