The 20 Best Romance Animes Of All Time

In Romance Animes, hearts melt away. It’s time again for a ranking. The website has created a list of the 20 best animes of the genre Romance. If you are big Romance fans and haven’t seen any titles in this list yet, make sure you remember them! If you read our Top romance anime in 2019 post you might recognize some of these romantic animes.

20th place: ef: A Tale of Memories

That’s what this is about: The story revolves around the lead actor Hirono Hiro, a poor high school student who draws Shoujo mangas to earn his living. On a cold Christmas night, after meeting an extraordinary woman in a church, his bike is stolen by another strange girl. He runs after her and finds her lying unconscious on the street. Her name is Miyamura Miyako, and her backpack was taken by a man on a motorcycle. A little later, they start to hang out, enjoy high school life and so on. Hiro’s life is still very much influenced by his childhood friend, Shindou Kei.

Place 19: Anohana

That’s what this is about: Jinta “Jintan” Yadomi’s life is at a dead end. Instead of going to school, he spends his time at home doing nothing, and nobody seems to care about him anymore. But it wasn’t always like that. In his primary school days, he was the leader of his group of six friends and together they spent a happy childhood. Six years later, nothing has remained of the friendship gangs, but when suddenly the girl Menma enters his life again and asks him to fulfil her wish, Jintan has to reunite the former friends and overcome his problems.

18th place: Chobits

Chobits anime is about Hideki is a student who comes from the country to Tokyo to attend a school to prepare him for college. When he arrives in the big city, he immediately notices so-called “persocoms” that look like humans and can only be recognized by their artificial ears. Persocoms are useful for all kinds of practical things. They are complex calculating machines that can do everything that today’s computers are capable of: You can talk to them on the phone, go online and check your e-mails. But not only that, but they also act independently, have memory and also look very cute. That’s why people like to use them in simple jobs such as salespeople or cashiers. Of course, Hideki would also like to have his own Persocom, but he is a poor student and can’t afford one, much to his regret. After he has moved into his student dorm and buys something to eat in the late evening, he finds a Persocom on his way home in a side street, which he, of course, drags back with him. But after our protagonist makes the Persocom work, he notices that it can only speak one word: “Chi”. Thereupon he calls his new achievement “Chi”, which apparently can’t do everything a Persocom should be able to…

17th place: Nodame Cantabile

That’s what this is about: Shin’ichi Chiaki is a gifted pianist and violinist who dreams of becoming a conductor. His only problem is that due to his fear of flying and water, he has no chance to leave Japan to study with his idol in Europe. Thus he ekes out his existence as a star at one of Japan’s music academies and is already thinking of ending his musical career since he sees no possibility of realizing his dream in Japan.

One day he meets Megumi Noda, a chaotic fellow student whose free and soulful style of playing the piano fascinates the boy immediately. Also, Chiaki, after quarrelling with his professor, is put in the same group as her, and it turns out that she is his neighbour. Nodame immediately falls in love immortally with Chiaki and from then on follows him consistently, which he tries to fend off, more or less successfully. Over time, more and more people enter Chiaki’s life, like the impulsive violinist Ryuutarou Mine and the timpanist Masumi Okuyama, and he takes new courage to realize his dream after all.

Marmalade Boy

Place 16: Itazura na Kiss

That’s what this is about: Kotoko Aihara is a girl of the F-class and falls head over heels in love with the talented student of the A-class Naoki Irie. She decides to write him a love letter, which he cold-heartedly rejects before he has even read it. Broken-hearted, she howls at her friends from the F-class and goes back to the newly built house after school, in which she is to live with her father from now on. But fate doesn’t mean well with Kotoko and her father, because the house collapses during a small earthquake. The two find refuge with a friend of their father’s, and his son is none other than the cold-hearted genius Naoki Irie.

15th place: Honey and Clover

That’s what this is about: Takemoto Yuuta, Mayama Takumi and Morita Shinobu are college students who share a small apartment. One day their teacher Hanamoto introduces them to his cousin’s sweet daughter. Her name is Hagumi, and she is a new student. Takemoto and Morita fall in love with her at first sight and try to get closer to her. But while the shy Takemoto has trouble expressing himself, Morita’s attempts are somewhat misleading, which is sometimes due to his extremely mysterious nature. Mayama, on the other hand, loves Rika, an architect who, however, still mourns the loss of her late husband. As Mayama’s love for Rika grows, he realizes that his cute classmate Yamada Ayumi has fallen in love with him and so the love carousel turns.

Place 14: Clannad

Clannad romantic anime is about: Clannad plays in a high school, in a Japanese city not mentioned by name. Tomoya Okazaki is in her 3rd year and doesn’t take the school very seriously. He always arrives late and is seen by his classmates, who are busy preparing for their university entrance exams, as a constant troublemaker. For this reason, he has hardly any friends there.

Tomoya doesn’t seem to care much – until one day he meets a girl, Nagisa Furukawa, who doesn’t have any friends either because everyone she knew has already left school. At first, he considers her to be very clumsy and cumbersome, but he doesn’t manage to break away from her and thus, while helping her, meets more and more girls from school. Although he is little interested in her at first, the better they get to know each other, the more he opens his heart.

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku (Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzakashii)

13th place: Golden Time

That’s what this is about: On his first day at a private law university in Tokyo, Tada Banri gets lost after the opening ceremony, but then meets a companion of his fate, Yanagisawa Mitsuo, and the two get along splendidly right away. Together they resume the search for their destination, when suddenly a beautiful girl with a bouquet of roses appears in front of them, slaps Mitsuo in the face with him and congratulates him on his successful admission before she quickly leaves again. The beauty is Kaga Kouko, a childhood friend of Mitsuo, who promised to marry him as a child. Escape from her was the reason why Mitsuo secretly took the entrance exam for this famous university, but she did it for him, and now he is at her mercy again.

Place 12: Special A

That’s what this is about: The elitist Hakusenkan High School, which our protagonist Hikari Hanazono attends, has six classes, from A to F. The A class consists of the top 7 students of the school, who are much admired by the other students. Of all the A-classes, from the first to the third class, the S. A. (Special A) is the most prestigious. The students of the S.A. enjoy special privileges because they wear unique uniforms and learn in a separate building at the school, also called “Paradise on Campus”.

The seven students of the S. A. are Hikari Hanazono, Kei Takishima, Akira Toudou, Tadashi Karino, Megumi Yamamoto, Jun Yamamoto, and Ryuu Tsuji. Hikari is a student who always works very hard because unlike the other members, she doesn’t come from a wealthy family. She attends the elite school only to take revenge on Kei, against whom she lost in a wrestling match when she was six years old. She considers him a rival and continues to challenge him. Despite her best efforts she is continuously defeated by him and ends up always in second place.

Place 11: Toradora

That’s what this is about: Ryuuji Takasu is an average high school student – if it weren’t for his father, who left him eyes that make everyone’s blood freeze. So he has to come to terms with the fact that most people think of him as a nasty thug and that despite his friendly character, he hardly has any friends.

But that’s not his only problem, because right at the beginning of the new school year he meets the only person of the school who is feared even more than he is, Taiga Aisaka, also known as Palmtop Tiger. It doesn’t take long until the two of them find out that they secretly love each other’s boyfriend – and so they form a kind of alliance to match each other up.

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk

10th place: Ouran High School Club Host

That’s what this is about: The 15-year-old young Haruhi receives a scholarship for the elite school Ouran Academy, which is usually only attended by wealthy students. One day, when she accidentally stumbles into the “Host Club” and breaks a valuable vase, she has to work there to pay for the expensive piece. Mistakenly mistaken for a boy, she is declared a “host”: a male student whose only task is to entertain the rich spoiled girls of the school…

This funny anime is based on Carlsen’s successful Manga and turns the Princess Princess principle around in a fun way. The opening is by the well-known J-pop singer Chieco Kawabe.

9th place: Fruits Basket

That’s what this is about: Normally the camp of the homeless Tohru is not very comfortable. She is camping in the forest because her grandfather, the only living member of Tohru’s family, is renovating the apartment. But she has a somewhat peculiar hobby: she is a passionate housekeeper. It is this hobby, that helps her out of her uncomfortable, damp home. When her schoolmates realize from the wealthy Souma family that Tohru “lives” in the forest that belongs to the Soumas, they persuade the girl to move into her big house and hire her as domestic help.

From the beginning, Tohru has the feeling that the Souma family is a bit strange – but how funny the members of the clan are, she only notices when she embraces one of the young men. Suddenly she is no longer faced with a handsome boy, but with a cat! She is shocked and falls into the arms of two more boys, who turn into a dog and a mouse in a cloud of smoke. After the first fright is overcome, the Soumas also move out quite fast with the language: On most family members lies a curse. Whenever they come into closer contact with the opposite sex, they turn into one of the Chinese signs of the zodiac, usually the animal with the most intimate character to the boy or girl. Now that the secret has been revealed, it would be appropriate to erase Tohru’s memory and send her away. But the family feels sorry for the young girl and decides to trust her. She is allowed to stay and experiences some exciting adventures with the unusual Souma family.

Place 8: Seconds in Minor

“Seconds in Minor” is about: Kousei Arima was a well-known piano player, but his career ended abruptly when his world collapsed with the death of his mother and teacher. The shock has since left him unable to perceive the tones or sound of his piano. His formerly musical world sank into silence and darkness.

Two years later, Kousei is still determined to live a life without music. He prefers to spend his free time with his friends Ryouta Watari and Tsubaki Suwabe. But one girl finally throws his resolutions overboard: Kaori Miyazono, who is not only beautiful and has an open-hearted personality, but whose style of playing the violin resembles an image of these positive qualities. With her emotive performance, Kaori Kousei leads us back to the world of music and once again shows him its joys.

Magic Knight Rayearth

7th place: Ao Haru Ride

The student Yoshioka Futaba wants to end her old life with the change from middle school to high school because she was exposed to the envy of her classmates due to her attractive appearance and was often excluded. She plans to work on her appearance to be more mature and mature to her fellow human beings. But when she meets her swarm and former classmate Tanaka at her new school, she wonders if her love for him still has a future.

6th place: Say “I Love You.”

Say “I Love You” is about: Mei Tachibana had neither a boyfriend nor any other friends in her 16 years so far. One day, due to a misunderstanding, she injures the school’s most popular boy, Yamato Kurosawa, who then develops feelings for her and decides without her consent that they are friends. If that isn’t enough, he even protects them with a kiss from a stalker.

5th place: Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi ni Todoke is about: Because of her long black hair and pale skin, which give her a similar look to Sadako from the “The Ring” horror movies, Sawako Kuronuma has always had problems getting in touch with other people. She spends her school days alone without friends until one day her popular classmate Kazehaya becomes aware of her and starts to integrate her more into the class community. But also other classmates start to see behind Sawako’s deterrent facade, which opens the way to happy high school life for them for the first time.

4th place: My Litte Monster

That’s what this is about: Mizutani Shizuku sits next to a boy named Yoshida Haru, who hasn’t gone to school since the first day of school because he beat up three students into the hospital. Shizuku is not interested in anything but her grades. When she hands over the notes to Haru for the lessons, he is immediately convinced that they are friends. Later it turns out that Haru has a very kind-hearted personality and is harmless. But who would have thought that he would suddenly confess his love to her? What will Shizuku do?

3rd place: Kamisama Hajimemashita

That’s what this is about: Nanami Momozono has a little problem. Her father loves gambling, and one day, when he has accumulated too much debt, he leaves. That doesn’t bother the creditors much, there’s still the house and the inventory, and so Nanami ends up on the street.

But the hopeless situation doesn’t stop Nanami from saving a man from a dog, and when he learns about her situation, he even offers Nanami to live in his house. Of course, Nanami gladly accepts the offer, but to her surprise, she finds out that the house is a shrine. To be exact, it is YOUR shrine, because the man was a kami who transferred his powers and duties to Nanami. Now she not only finds herself in the world of the Youkai’s and Kamis but also have to get along with her moody and arrogant confident, the Fuchs-Youkai Tomoe.

2nd place: Lovely Complex

That’s what this is about: Risa Koizumi is a normal Japanese girl, but one thing is different: With her height of 1.70 m, Risa has grown relatively tall for a Japanese woman.

On top it all off, there is Atsushi Ootani, a boy who is in the same class as Risa and also has a problem with his size. Only he is not too big, but too small. It is precisely this complex that more or less connects the two and is the best explosive for a beautiful, but also a funny love story. In addition, both don’t like each other in the beginning, but this doesn’t stop them from allying to provide each other with a partner.

But as we all know, opposites attract each other and what is it called? What loves, teases itself.

Place 1: Maid-Sama

That’s what this is about: The former boys’ school Saika High, known for its ruthless, filthy pupils, has been a mixed school for some time now, although the proportion of women is still deficient. Ayuzawa Misaki now decides to take the matter into her own hands to make the school a place where girls can feel safe.

Through her training and her election as the first president of the student council, Misaki has earned the reputation of a buttoned, boy-hating dictator among the male students, while she is a radiant symbol of hope for the teachers and her classmates. Misaki is keeping a secret, however, as she secretly works as a part-time employee in a maid café to support her family. Unfortunately, her secret is soon revealed when the widespread but mostly apathetic Takumi Usui sees her in her maid uniform. The next morning she enters school in the expectation that everyone knows about her double life, but Takumi has kept it to herself, which arouses her suspicion about his motives.

Romance anime FAQ

What is romance anime called?

Anime and manga of the “josei” (女性) variety are aimed at adult women. Josei series are often slice-of-life or romantic tales featuring adult women, though, in recent years, shonen-like action-adventures have become popular as well.

What romance anime should I watch?

Love comes in all forms, and so do people's tastes in romantic TV shows. Some people like true romances, some like romcoms, and others like to cry a whole lot. My Love Story!! Nisekoi. Toradora! Your Lie in April. Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun. His and Her Circumstances. Clannad: After Story.

Is Anohana a romance?

The story has some romantic overtones as we see how Jinta, even at such a young age, truly loved Menma and that she loved him. Anohana is a story of young love as pure love and it will warm your heart.

What is shoujo romance?

The shoujo genre is used to describe the anime and manga series whose target audiences are the young girls and women. These are generally the ones you will see that involve a female lead character, students in high school, young characters learning to grow up, and developing budding romances along the way.

What is yuri anime?

Yuri, or Girls Love, is a term used for content in Japanese media (anime, manga, and literary works) involving romantic relationships between women, both sexual and non-sexual in nature. Yuri is not only restricted to female targeted genres like "shoujo" and "josei".

What does Yuri mean?

Yuri means lily in Japanese. It is also the Japanese vocabulary word for lily. Other possible combinations of characters include "tenderness; superiority" (yu) and "reason; justice; truth" (ri). As a Russian and Ukrainian male name, Yuri is a variant transcription of Yuriy (or Jurij), the Russian variant of George.

Does Tokyo Ghoul have any romance?

Is there romance in Tokyo Ghoul? - Quora. Yes there is. Hinami secretly likes Kaneki as he tells her how to read words and he shares the hobby of reading books. Kaneki at that time stays down after being hit so she sits on top of him and kisses him while crying.

Is given a romance anime?

The anime adaptation of Given was positively received by critics. Specific praise was given to the relationship between Mafuyu and Ritsuka, with Jones calling it "one of the most compelling anime romances of the year."

Is toradora the best romance anime?

Toradora Is The Best School Romance Anime of All Time! I don't usually watch the romantic comedy genre of things. Each character has personalities that are unique and rather realistic and believable (or as realistic as animes go). There is no "super" character that acts too good or too cool for school.


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