Sword Art Online – Sword Art Online Alicization

Great news for “Sword Art Online” fans Sword Art Online Alicization is going to be the next Sword Art Online Anime for TV.

AS you may know Sword Art Online is Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara. The series was a huge success followed by Sony PlayStation games and a TV Anime series.



It was kind of a mystery which light novel will be the new Sword Art Online Anime. Now it was officially announced on the official twitter account Anime Sword Art · Online Official that the new Sword Art Online Anime TV series will be based on “Alicization” which is in volumes 9 through 18 of the novel series.

according to http://swordartonline.wikia.com: “Project Alicization is top-secret government project to create the first Highly Adaptive «Bottom-up AIThe name Alicization is formed from the acronym A.L.I.C.E (Artificial Labile Intelligent Cybernated Existence”

It came to our attention that Yoshitsugu Matsuoka will be once more time Kirito. Asuna will be played by Haruka Tomatsu. Ai Kayano will play Alice, and Nobunaga Shimazaki will play Eugeo

Sword Art Online Alicization visuals and teaser video are on the next page