The Silver Guardian season 2

The successful anime The Silver Guardian (Gin no Guardian) have succeeded to gain a large base of fans all over the world. the anime which the main character is a gamer was especially loved by gamers all over the world. This is a Chinese-Japanese adaptation of a Chinese web manhua. We happy to publish that the show’s second season is coming in January 2018.

Gin no Guardian

This season will consist of 6 30 minute episodes. The opening theme song will be performed by Rin Akatsuki.

The Guardian is here

Second season trailer

アニメ『銀の墓守りⅡ』PV公開!「Gin No Guardian : The Silver Guardian」


Riku Sui Gin is third-year high school student and likes the school’s princess: Riku Lei. Suddenly Riku Lei is kidnapped into the game world of ‘Grave Buster’ and Sui Gin follows a beautiful girl called Twin Star who guides him into the strange world. He reaches a computer terminal that was charged with 10 billion Yen. To protect Riku Lei he becomes the last ‘Silver Guardian’ and starts his battle against ‘Grave Vandalism’. And this battle reveals one secret after another…


  • Original Work: Rei Mei (serialized by China’s Tencent Anime)
  • Planning Manager: ASKASK
  • Director: Ken Ando
  • Character Design/ Chief Key Animation Supervisor: Yoshiaki Tsubata
  • Color Setting: Kunio Tsujita
  • Art Director: Tomoya Asami
  • Art Setting: Seiji Nishimoto
  • Director of Photography: Tatsuo Noguchi
  • 2D Works: Tomoki Murakami
  • Editing: Keiko Onodera
  • Music: Minako Seki
  • Setting Production: Tomoko Arai
  • Production: Haoliners Animation & BLADE


  • Jun Fukuyama as Riku Sui Gin (A high school student who loves games. Has sharp observation skills and perception and is a master-level gamer. In order to save Rei, he decides to become the last Guardian in the ‘Grave-robbing Game.)- “‘Sorry to let you wait! Here is the second season you’ve been waiting for!! The story will move greatly from here. New strong characters, hot development and followed by a surprising climax! However, please look forward to it because it is the anime’s peak!
  • Yuka Saitou as Riku Lei (A young lady who is beyond perfect, having both beauty and brains, who attends the same high school as Suigin. She meets Suigin at the end of the game world. The adopted daughter of Suigin’s grandfather, the creator of the game)- “‘I’m really happy that I can play Riku Lei again. The development is unpredictable and comes one after another. I would like if you pay special attention to Sui Gin’s battle scenes”
  • Atsuki Tani as Temujin
  • Ami Koshimizu as Twin Star – “‘Season 2 angry waves’ development is amazing. Hope you like it!
  • Nozomi Nishida as Farin
  • Takayuki Sugo as Riku Yuki – “Although Riku Yuki is already dead, he is a human being who doesn’t exist in this world. He acted with awareness of the presence of majority as a genius game designer and on the other hand, I had to act both sides including the gently Riku Yuki, which is watching over his daughter Riku Lei. Please keep your expectations high for the second season as well
  • Kana Asumi as Nishikaze
  • Soichiro Hoshi as Lan Den Gyo