Seven Seas Entertainment Licenses Yumi Unita’s Sleeping Magnificence

Seven Seas Entertainment reported on Friday that it has authorized Yumi Unita’s Sleeping Beauty (Nemuremehime) manga. The primary single volume is slated for November 21.

Seven Seas Entertainment depicts the arrangement:

Secondary school understudy Yaneko loves to rest, so much that she can scarcely wake up voluntarily. That is, until she is animated from her sleep by a rest soul known as Nerim. Yaneko must go with the generous soul on his every day work course, as he concedes the endowment of agreeable rest to individuals (and creatures!) of any age. In any case, exactly what is his actual reason and why has he picked Yaneko to be his partner? This could in all likelihood be the start of a delightful kinship! This will surely be one of the interesting series to watch that how this friendship will be useful. Yaneko and nerim will be fun together and it will be really great to watch them sharing the screen together. The story will be interesting because at the end it would be revealed that why actually nerim chose yaneko to be her assistant and what was the real objective behind the holy spirit of sleep.