Latinos Anime fans, Netflix Just Remembered You Exist…

For the first time in Anime history, a major production company will make an anime staged in Mexico. Netflix has just ordered a new anime series which will be set in a Mexican border town. The show will be called “Seis Manos” and Viz media will be the production company.

Latinos Anime fans, Netflix Just Remembered You Exist...

The project will be a joint venture of Viz media and Powerhouse Animation (the company that made the great anime “Castlevania”. The new Anime will be broadcast in 2019. The series will be made by some of the best professionals in the business like writer dan Dominguez who made Captain Underpants, Spongebob Squarepants, Crash and Bernstein, and Alvaro Rodriguez who wrote: Machete, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series)

Netflix going to broadcast new anime named Seis Manos in 2019. Seis Manos is the first anime staring latinos americans

Seis Manos plot

The Seis Manos anime will star 3 orphans living in a small town ob the Mexican border. The plot will take place at 1970. 3 orphans with high skill at martial arts seeking to revenge the murder of their beloved master. In their struggle to find justice, they help a DEA agent.

Netflix and the Latino audience

Until now major anime production companies neglected Us latinos audience. This enormous and important crowd had no presentation in anime shows, and it is great that Netflix finally making an effort towards its South American crowd. John Derderian who is in charge of the anime division of Netflix said:”We’re excited to be working with such a fantastic group of animators and storytellers to produce our first original anime series set in Mexico, Our Mexican subscribers, and viewers in Latin America more broadly, have a tremendous passion for anime. We look forward to sharing this completely unique series with them, and with the growing community of anime fans around the world“.

In this day and age when the anime streaming competition is so huge Netflix cant allow itself to ignore the Latinos Americans. It is about time that Netflix will invest some of the money they make from the monthly subscription into other crowds than North America.

Viz Media and anime

Viz Media is a distribution company which brought many popular anime series to America. They brought shows like Dragon Ball, Pokémon, and Naruto. Up until now they only distributed show to the US but Seis Manos will be their first original anime. The Chief Marketing Officer of Viz Media, Brad Woods was quoted saying: “With over 30 years of experience bringing the best manga and anime to North America, Seis Manos will be VIZ Media’s first original animated property. We’re thrilled to bring Seis Manos to life with our partners at Netflix and Powerhouse Animation, This show combines the absolute best in action and storytelling.”

Powerhouse Animation and Seis Manos anime

Powerhouse Animation Studios are the company which streamed the successful anime show “Castlevania”. Powerhouse Animation Studios will be the co-creator of the Seis Manos anime together with Viz Media. The idea for the anime is a product of the creative minds of Powerhouse CEO, Brad Graeber, and the writer Alvaro Rodriguez. The director of the new anime will be Willis Bulliner. Willis Bulliner is the storyboard artist of “Castlevania” and one of the most appreciated artists in the industry.


Although the production of the Seis Manos anime has only started it is a first and important step toward the Latino Americans audience. I hope that this is only the beginning and that we will see other minorities staring in future anime, This is also an important step on the road to bring anime series to the mainstream of television production.

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