RuneScape Tips for Beginners

Do you want to get better at RuneScape – if you do here are seven awesome tips to help you do just this.

Combat Academy

Depending on how long you have been away, you might have completed this already. However, it is so good that it deserves a higher rank up on the list. In fact, you would want to complete it again even if you have done it earlier just as a refresher.

Here, you will learn the fundamentals of the current combat system in the game with the help of a few short tutorials. You will also get a lot of experience as you will be awarded books at the end in various combat-related skills. It also scales with your level. To get books, you will need to speak to her once you’re done with your training. It includes all the combat related skills such as herblore, prayer as well as summoning.

That’s not all, you are also offered free training dummies allowing you to practice your abilities. These dummies last forever and you also have the option of customizing these in order to change their weakness as well as a number of other configuration options. For instance, you can force it to take maximum damage for each hit or make it retaliate.


Daily Challenges

This was part of the big combat overhaul. You are given a new task each day up to a maximum of five tasks and you get a chunk of experience in each related skill. There are a number of challenges though some of the challenges may keep you away from the training method you prefer but you get rewarded with experience which is worth your time. Along with the experience, you also get a treasure hunter key which means you may even get more experience.

Also, you will get a mystery bag in case you have handed in any items in such as shieldbows for the fledgling challenge. This mystery bag will contain items with a roughly equal value which means you will get experience for free.

Not all the challenges are fun and you do not get as much experience. If you do not like a challenge, you have the option of rerolling a challenge once with the help of vis max. You also have the option of extending it two-fold if you like the challenge with the help of vis max in order to get double the reward.

Diversions and Distractions

These are also often referred to as the D&Ds. These activities are typically limited to monthly, weekly or daily lockouts and you get rewarded with a huge amount of experience related to the time investment. Monthly activities offer the most experience whereas daily activities give you the least experience. You may recognize some of these if you have been a part of the game for a long period of time.

These activities are a great way to get relief from the monotony of training some of those slower skills and there is also the benefit of getting extra rewards other than the experience. You should also know that there are some mini-games included in the same interface.

With these mini-games, you will get specific rewards from their table. Some of these rewards are useful whereas others are outdated. As far as the main draw is concerned, it is the thaler system which is the universal mini-game currency you get for playing any mini-game. Keep in mind that, you will get five times the rate when you play the mini game in the spotlight.


Whether you have been away for a few months or a few years, rest assured that many different quests have been released since. You will get an enormous amount of experience as well as other useful items with most of the quests released recently. In addition, you will also get treasure hunter keys and that’s always fun.

All of these new quests are likely to keep you interested in the game for a long period of time in case you are a lorehound. Even if questing is not your favorite thing, these can unlock a variety of useful things in the game such as Plague’s End.

New Skills

Check your stat sheet and you will find that there will be one or two new skills in the sheet at level 1. The number of skills will depend on the time you have been away from the game. These new skills are invention and divination. Both these skills are powerful and have a number of useful items. You need to be aware that you will need level 80 in crafting, smithing and divination before you are able to level invention as it is an elite skill.

Divination Basics

Divination is a combination of artisan and gathering skill. In simple terms, it means that you need to gather a resource and convert it into useful stuff simultaneously. You can make a variety of items including pocket slot items that retain certain resources including ore and fish automatically as well as skilling locations to get a huge amount of experience and resources for a limited time. You can also make items to save your life – once.

Become Part of the Clan

I do not claim to know every little detail about this game (RuneScape) as I don’t want to sound arrogant. However, I do have quite a bit of knowledge and most of it comes from my clan mates. Many different kinds of people play this game and most of them have a variety of interests within the game.

In fact, some are them have become qualified experts in their particular area of interest within the game. If you are a returning player, you will have a great advantage if you able to get your hands on this huge wealth of information. In fact, this article can also be referred by you to the clan in order to check whether they would like to add or correct something.

I used RuneScape forums to become part of a clan. If you want to join a clan, get down to the clan section and check the sub- forums that you find more suitable for your style of play. I like to do PvM and Slayer and this is the reason I looked in the 100+ one. So, I went through quite a few of the advertising threads before finding what I liked.

Recruiting for Clans

Once you have found a clan you like, it is recommended to join their chat group as a guest in order to get a feel of the clan and check out whether they are someone you want to partner with. The guest channel is open for most of the clans and most are eager to welcome their guests.

As far as joining the clan chat is concerned, it is extremely easy. You just need to find out the name of the clan that you wish to join. Click on the guest clan chat tab in order to join the chat. Start typing once the dialogue box pops up after joining and say Hi.

For friends chat, the process is exactly the same. For friends, you will need to click on the tab that has the blue person behind the green person.

Clan Avatar

There are many obvious benefits of being part of a community but joining clans also gives you some other material gains. Keep in mind that higher ranked players in a clan have the power to summon an avatar which gives 3% more experience for all the activities provided you are on the same world. You can get a 6% increase in your experience in case you are close to the avatar. Keep in mind that this is not available in all the clans. You may find this information in the recruitment thread as they will publish in case they have any such powers available.

There is a clan citadel that offers skilling areas. Some of these skilling areas are a great place to train in new skills in a much more relaxed manner. In fact, you will also be able to save some money on some skills such as summoning and crafting among others. You can get money on

Citadel skilling also offers benefits to the clan itself. In case you do enough skilling each week, you will get more experience from the clan cloak. Also, the quartermaster with give you a hefty part of the bonus experience in a skill you like but it is limited to skills for which you have trained in the citadel.

Customizing Interface

You will find differing views on the new interface. Some people don’t like the new interface but if you look at it practically and objectively, it’s a way ahead of the old one. It allows you to customize the interface to insane levels but don’t get scared as it’s very easy to do.

There is a lot of material that I would like to cover but it’s not that easy to cover everything in text. Therefore, I am working on creating a video guide to show everyone how they can make use of the new interface. So, don’t forget to check out the latest blog in the next couple of days for the video guide.