Top Rated Romantic Anime Comedy

Life is not always a bed of roses, and romantic comedy anime has clarified that. That is why from children to adults, the romantic comedy anime have successfully satisfied a large group of audience. Romantic comedy anime don’t have a long history, because most of the audiences used to prefer pure romantic anime movies. But recently, the romantic comedy animations have gained the attention of the modern age viewers. If you want to enjoy a fully packed animated movie with your friends, then you can try some of these romantic comedy animated films.

Lovely Complex:

Lovely Complex anime

This is the story of two friends, who are completely different than each other. The girl is taller compared to her classmates, and the boy is shorter than his peers. Both of them are looking for their perfect partners, but their physical features are creating a lot of trouble in their journey. These two friends are helping each other to find the perfect lover, and eventually, they came closer and fell in love. This movie is full of innocent teenage love chemistry, and a lot of humour.

Ouran High School Host Club:

Ouran High School Host Club
High School host club is a club, who entertain the rich and wealthy girls of the school. This story revolves around a girl, who has joined the school recently. Haruhi belongs to a poor family, and she has got the opportunity to study in this high school because of scholarship. All the students in this school belong to a wealthy family, and spend most of their time for their entertainment purpose. Haruhi is looking for a quiet space to study, and in order to escape, she broke an expensive Vass. The Vass was a property of the host club, and they asked Harumi to pay for the Vass. Harumi didn’t have enough money to pay for the Vass, and that is why the host club members asked Harumi to work for them until they collect the money for the Vass.

Skip Beat!:

Skip Beat!

This story is about a young girl, who is in love with an attractive looking handsome man. Kyuoko is a hard working girl, and she is doing everything which can help her to achieve her dreams. She is also helping her crush, so that he can also shine in his career. Finally, she realised that her crush is using her s a slave. After knowing about this she is determined to take revenge on her crush, and this leads to the main story. This is not a romantic animation film, rather is more realistic and shows the hardships of an ambitions girl. Kyuoko finally decides that she will join the entertainment industry, so that she can achieve more than her crush, but finally, she realises that the entertainment industry is not an easy place. Still, she works hard to create a good place in the industry and finally does that. Previously she had a very low self esteem, and she didn’t know that she has any talent. The struggle in the entertainment industry made her realised that she has some talent too, and she started feeling positive about herself.