Roller Champions (Available on PC download now, other platforms unknown)

Sports lovers looking for absolute fun have a rare treat from the gaming maestro Ubisoft. The futuristic gaming concept where Roller derby takes over the sports scene provides gamers with a model and a storyline incomparable to many sports games.


For its simplicity and easy to control features, any player can explore. Usually, sports games entertain, but Roller Champions goes beyond your expectations by embracing imagination and off-base content tweaks bent on rendering gripping experiences.

Rock the track of the roller champions and your set for an experience tailored to test your mettle, polish your competitiveness and turn around your teamwork experience. With the intense tackling, players spoiled for scores and wins, don’t expect an easy ending. Either strategize with teammates or your set for a humiliation.

The rip-roaring atmosphere and crazy fans ensure you’re ever spirited to outwit your opponents. And episodes thrill as players play. By winning games, players attract more fans and play in front of unrelenting crowds which get bigger as the game proceeds. You can find Roller Champions and other games on

Rules of Gaming

Roller Champions enthralls from the first minute. First, the arena looks terrific, it could put you off if you bear any signs of cold feet. In the game, players form two teams, each of three members and set to compete out in the chilling arena. Your main goal is to complete laps across the huge hippodrome, and a lap adds up as a point. A win comprises five laps.

The game bides on teamwork where players have to keep possession by passing the ball to each other. But opponents and rowdy fans don’t make your life easy. Opponents take on you without flinching, ravenous for the ball; screw up and you lose the ball, putting your teammates under intense pressure.

Daring players can go for over one lap. But they’ll need out of the world evasion skills to combat relentless tackless from the rivals. Complete two laps and you set the team for a three-point shot. So, you can train to be the team’s hero and fans will adorn you with hysteria. If your team completes a non-stop three-lap move, you can wind up the game with a single shot accounting for five points.

Extreme game mechanics allow you to spike up on slopes and gain lighting speeds to track down opponents, waltz your way across the arena, and latch on drifting balls. If you’re quick to learn the skills, you are bound to outshine opponents fast and earn stardom status for the team.


Stunning systems, elite controls and a storyline so innovative give the game an amazing appeal. Matches intensity and incomparable opponents allow for excitement throughout. Minor issues in movement and animation don’t overshadow a well-designed game.