RESPAWN-110 Reclining Gaming Chair Reviewed

reclining gaming chair

Gamers have certain ergonomic- as well as aesthetic needs which aren’t met with the regular office chairs you get. Lumbar pillows, thickly padded cushions, and a kick out footrest are among the main features found across good gaming chairs to support you for long hours of dueling.

In this review, I’ll go over one of the most popular gaming chairs right now, the Respawn-110 gaming chair. One of its biggest selling points is its budget price, though there are other things going for it as well.

When OFM set out to create the Respawn brand, the company saw the need for a stylish chair that should be ergonomically comfortable too. With 20 years of experience in the office chair industry, OFM created the RESPAWN brand – an affordable and durable chair designed specifically for gamers.

Respawn 110- Racy and Affordable

Respawn is made up of 8 models and each of the chairs has racing-themed graphics. The jaunty RSP-110 is the least expensive. This chair promises to give users the relaxing gaming experience without having to break the bank and comes in a number of trendy colors such as racing green, blue or red.

One of the benefits of these Respawn gaming chair models is that they are ideal for the budget gamer – in fact, it comes with everything that a more luxury gaming chair would have, but for far less. They are also chairs which can be expertly used in an office setting as well.

Respawn brings gamers gaming chairs which have been designed and built with professional gaming in mind. To this end, the chairs have a breathable back with holes for ventilation that allows gamers to give it their all without any compromise from being hot, sweaty and uncomfortable.


Some other Notable Features of the 110

  • The Respawn 110 is designed to recline so as to take pressure off the spine, going from 90° to 130°. The backrest is extra tall and it is completely adjustable. The seating position is also adjustable so you can find a position that suits you.
  • The Respawn has an adjustable headrest and a lumbar support pillow.
  • The chair has a lot of room for moving around in when the action heats up. As the chair reclines, the arms adjust so as to provide elbow support. The padded armrests are completely adjustable in 4 different directions. They’re also removable. The unusual aspect of this chair is that while other gaming chairs are also reclining chairs, as far as the back section of the chair goes, the Respawn has been designed to have the arms moved backward with it.
  • Awarded one of the best office chairs with footrests by ErgoTrends, a remarkable feature of the RSP 110 is the footrest that can be used to totally relax in a horizontal position. To use the footrest, you need to pull it out from under the seat and flip the padded side up. In fact,
  • The padding and covering of the chair are made of bonded leather and mesh.
  • The chair comes unassembled but it takes less than an hour to assemble
  • The Respawn 110 gaming chair’s casters are stylish and the chair rolls easily across the floor. It also comes with full 360° of swivel rotation.
  • A good gaming computer chair fits your unique posture and body size, and the whole design of the chair is made to be ergonomic to support healthy sitting, improving your posture. The 110 has a weight capacity of up to 275 pounds but is excellent for gamers of all sizes.
  • All the controls of the chair are put on the right side. The Reclining option is pushed down and locked where you want it.
  • Respawn believes in the quality of their product and the chair has a limited lifetime warranty and you also get excellent after-sales service if you need to contact someone.


  • The addition of a footrest which simply glides out from the bottom of the seat as
  • A stylish, ergonomic chair which is perfect for budget gamers.
  • Sturdy with a weight capacity of 275 pounds.


  • Few people complained about the strong chemical smell from the chair.
  • Other users would have liked to have seen a sturdier footrest.



 The most important role of a gaming chair is to keep you pain-free and comfortable for hours in front of the computer gaming. The Respawn-110 with its well-cushioned seat and backrest, removable lumbar and neck pillow, plus pull out footrest do all of these things, and on a budget. You can buy the Respawn-110 here on Amazon for less than $200.