Promo Video of My Hero Academia Season 2 Released

On 4th of December 2016, the first promotional video for  My Hero Academia Season 2 is released by its official website.

My Hero Academia illustrated by Kōhei HorikoshiThe main protagonist of this series is Izuku Midoriya is an exceptionally hesitant, accommodating and courteous kid, as often as possible blowing up to unusual circumstances with overstated articulations.

Fans didn’t need to sit tight years for a report on the anime’s second season. When the main period of “Boku no Hero Academia” finished up, Studio Bones released secrets for Season 2. The picture and trailer both affirm that Izuku Midoriya will be back “soon”. In any case, it would seem that “My Hero Academia” Season 2 will arrive much sooner than anticipated.


The U.A. Sports Festival Arc of Kohei Horikoshi will be covered in the 2nd season. Funimation streamed the anime season in Japanese as it aired in Japan, but also with English subtitles in Canada, United Kingdom, USA, and in Ireland.

TOHO Animation has released a brand-new TV spot highlighting the anime’s leads. The second season was announced in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine’s 30th issue of 2016.

Update: The My Hero Academia 3 is coming in spring 2018.