Pokémon Go Player Shot By Florida Man For Parking Outside His Home

Pokémon Go is being played by gamers from all around the world and tons of strange incidents are taking place because of this game, although the game is amazing undoubtedly but if you’re playing it, at least use your brain while doing so as this game makes you step out in real world and in real world not everyone is playing Pokémon Go and know about it, cause we’re in a world which have people from all generations and not all of them are familiar with trends.

Last Saturday morning pair of teenage Pokémon Go players were playing this game while their car parked outside a house of Florida man at Palm Coast, the man misunderstood them of being criminals and open fire at them, fortunately the teens escaped unscated but not the car!

As reported by Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, the incident took place at 1:30 AM outside the man’s home at Primrose Lane, but the exact reasons of the incident are bit blur as the kids said something else and the man something else.

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