Pokemon Go: Magikarp Appearing at Unusual Places

Pokemon Go is becoming a thing since the moment it become available to be downloaded and played in Australia, with more than 10,000,000 downloads overnight, the game looks like to set an example of another overnight success story. Although this just looks like an overnight success because the creator of the game said that it’s not an overnight success as he has been working on this from a lot of years. So in other words it’s a overnight success of years of hard work.

The to be most anticipated game of 2016, Pokemon Go, allows users to catch the these cute creatures called Pokemon in their real world by using their smart phone’s camera and tons of crazy incidents are taking place after the release of this game. Just like a girl who found a dead body of a person in a river near her home while trying to catch her favorite Pokemon.

Today we’re going to share few pictures of a water Pokemon named Magikarp appearing at strange places.

#1 Frying Pan 

Pokemon Go

Looks like someone’s going to have a fish in lunch.