Pokémon Anime’s 1,000th Episode

Believe it or not but Pokémon first episode was aired on  April 1, 1997, in Japan, but this was no April fool…. the successful series gathered more than one generation of fans. The Pokémon anime is so successful that its 1000 episode named “Lilie and Silvady, the Resurrected Memory!”  is going to be aired.

Pokémon 1000th episode
[Image: Anicobin]
The Pokémon anime 1000th episode will be broadcast on November 9.

Pokémon 1000

Twenty years old anime series. I bet some of you readers are less than twenty years old.

Did you know that once upon the Pokémon series caused 375 girls, 310 boys to be put into an ambulance suffering from medical problems? keep reading and ill tell you why.

Pokémon 1000 a

For twenty years Pikachu and Ash are out there. Things like the Poké Rap have become cultural touchstones. Who doesn’t Hamm the lyrics to the show’s theme song? I find it amazing that kids today still love the series as kids did twenty years ago. It is great that a show can succeed som much without any anime fanservice

Sarena Leaving Pokemon


So how did Pokémon made children sick? on an episode, called “Electric Soldier Porygon”, new animation techniques flashed red and blue lights on the screen. As it turns out a small percentage (less than 1 percent) of the population are vulnerable to “photosensitive seizures” when exposed to strobe lighting. Because more than 4 million kids were watching this episode, so many of them turned up sick.

The Pokémon Anime survived it and continue until reaching their 1000th episode on this week.

congratulation Pokémon!