Most Perverted Anime Shows

As always, I come up with an exciting list for all of the Otakus out there, today I’m going to share this most perverted Anime list for adults, made from polls and other verified sources showing the most perverted or explicit anime of all time. So if you are looking for 18+ anime series list recommendations you are in the right place! This pervy list is for adults only so read on only if you are over 18 years old! Find a perverted show you would like to watch? search it in our post: WATCH ANIME ONLINE FREE WITH ENGLISH SUB/DUB

let’s face it – many of the fans are in it for the explicit stuff and the twisted materials. Many of them are looking for the 18+ anime series. Who am I to deny them of the sexy perverted anime?

so let’s go straight to the perverted anime list for adults 18+.

Warning – this list is a list of NSFW anime so be careful where you read it…

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perverted anime series list - perverted anime dubbed

No. 2 is going to take your breath away, only lucky people reach there!

26) Ikkitousen

Ikki Tousen (Japanese: 一騎当千, Hepburn: Ikkitōsen, lit. “A Mighty Knight Who Matches a Thousand Knights”), also known as Battle Vixens in North America, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yuji Shiozaki. Loosely based on the classic 14th century Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the series revolves around an all-out turf war in the Kantō region of Japan where fighters known as Tōshi (闘士, meaning “fighting soldier”) from seven schools battle for supremacy. The story centers on Hakufu Sonsaku, a fighter who transfers to Nanyo Academy, one of the seven schools involved in the turf war.


25) Food Wars!

You would be forgiven for hating Food Wars! based on its first few episodes. It is essentially the main character being an absolutely stunning cook, so much so that he makes girls squirm, squeal, and have their clothes burst off with passion. Well, that last bit only happens in their minds, but you still get to see it. However, as it goes on, it becomes less about making all the girls squeal and more about cooking delicious food competitively. Psychic School Wars,known as Nerawareta Gakuen (ねらわれた学園) in Japan, is a 1973 science fiction novel by Taku Mayumumura. It has been adapted into four television dramas – in 1977, 1982, 1987, and 1997. Two live-action films were produced in 1981 and 1997. A 2012 anime film directed by Ryosuke Nakamura was produced by Sunrise and received comparisons to the works of Makoto Shinkai.

24) Heaven’s Lost Property

Heaven's Lost Property

In this super sexy NSFW anime show, a teenage boy named Tomoki has his life turned around by a sexy winged Ikaros who comes out of the blue and decides he is her master.

23) Shimoneta – one of the best erotic anime


Would you be able to live in a world where dirty jokes don’t exist? This is exactly what happens to Tanukichi Okuma (Sox) but he wouldn’t stand for it. He is considered to have sexual and/or vulgar knowledge so you can count on it being a sexy anime as we like them. This anime is full of lots of nudity.

22) Seikon no Qwaser – perverse anime

Perverted Anime Seikon no Qwaser

This perverse anime series contains violent and sexual suggestions so how can we resist it ?!

21) Umineko: When They Cry ( Umineko no Naku Koro ni ecchi)

Umineko: When They Cry

18 people on an island where a series of murderers happen sound good? I think so…

This anime has also visual novels that can be played out.

20) Burn-Up Excess

Burn-Up Excess

This one could have been a usual action anime but the fair amount of anime fan service makes it fit our most perverted anime list.

19) Mysterious Girlfriend X

Mysterious Girlfriend X

Well, I don’t know if to call this series a pervy anime or a bizarre one but believe it or not the white stuff on that cutty finger is her drool and the young man there is addicted to it… perverted or what?!

18) Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire

This one is an easy addition to our list. Anime vampire girl obsessed with blood, can it get better than that?

17) Ai Yori Aoshi

Ai Yori Aoshi

16) To Love-Ru Darkness

To Love-Ru Darkness

When a mysterious, naked devil-tailed girl appears out of nowhere in your bathtub you just know that things are going to change… a perverted anime for the perverted otakus