Most Perverted Anime Shows

6) Boku No Pico

Boku No Pico

There are some very perverted scenes on this one, consider yourself warned.

5) Corpse Party – a perverted name for perverted anime

Corpse Party

Even the name of this show sounds perverted. This is survival horror, an adventure that will make you lose your breath. Don’t watch it at your job as this is NSFW anime!

School Days Anime

4) School Days

Well, when I was at school it was nothing like that… A high school student takes a picture of his secret crush and makes it a wallpaper of his cell phone. From there, their relationship takes a step up. School Days is not so much perverted as it is … Really slutty. It starts off as your run-of-the-mill romance story and then quickly progresses to the male protagonist dipping his wick in anything with girl bits. Then it just gets really violent and dark

3) Please Twins!

Please Twins!

The main concern of the protagonist, Maiku, is that he cares for two girls, one of them is his sister and he doesn’t know which. Both girls develop feelings for him and the three of them have to find out exactly which two are related.

We have riched number 2 and I should warn you it is quite breathtaking. drink a bit of water and then share to unlock this little explicit anime…

2) Girls Bravo

ab926af2079b28e6c97ca1e39dec9883e9bde841_hqSo here’s the No.10, have fun. Keep your hands in your pockets, boys. 😀

What? Don’t you like fruits?

1)  Freezing


Freezing is a great magical girl and harem anime. The government does some research and creates genetically modified sexy girls who can use Stigmata to become super-human fighters. I don’t know about super fighters but definitely SEXY!

That concludes our 18+ anime series list. Have suggestions for more adult NSFW anime series? let us know in the comments

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