One Punch Man Season 2 Spoilers ~ Release Date Updated!

The spoilers of One Punch Man Season 2 spoilers are now focusing on Saitama’s possible villains. Hero Blast name has been mentioned but hasn’t appeared in any anime yet.

Blast is totally unknown for a lot of Otakus though he is ranked as the top super hero in Hero Association from S-Class. The name was mentioned in manga once as well.

This new villain is described to have a spiky hair like Goku.

~~One Punch Man Season 2 Release Date~~

In famous boards like Reddit, opinions of fans about Hero Blast varies. Some thing he’s Mad Cyborg and others imagine him as a Mob. Then lies this strange theory of a fan who says that Saitama is Blast himself.

More strange part is that Yibada supports the theory that Saitama and Blast are single person, below are two major points extracted from the article claiming this theory.

1) Blast is the strongest amongst all the heros though he never shows up during important meetings where his presence is must.

2) He wears the same suit as Saitama considering the only difference between their clothes are the fiery contour around the zipper.


The new villain would look somewhat like this.

One Punch Man Season 2


What do you think now? Do you think that this new super hero villain and Saitama are the same person or not? Your opinions are most welcomed.

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    The new villain is the wannabe Monster and Hero Hunter Garou, the rouge disciple of number 3 S Class Hero Bang.

    If the anime will follow the Manga then he would be the main villain of Season 2.

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