One Punch Man Season 2 New Cast Sketch

A special treat for one punch man season 2 fans. If you are a one punch man fan and got skeptic if a new season is ever coming you will love this news.

One Punch Man Season 2

Illustrator Yusuke Murata decided to share a little sketch with the show fans keep reading and I will share it with you.

one punch man production keeps the season 2 progress secret and for a long time, there wasn’t any news concerning the second seasons. Many one punch man fans have started to lose hope and started to doubt the existence of the rumors of one punch man season 2  release date. The news about the change of production company was received in suspicious and concerns among the anime fan.

One punch man anime season 1 which was shown in Japan in 2015 was a great hit and won herself a large crowd of fans. The success of the show in Japan was successfully replicated around the world and the series was greatly loved all over the world. At one point in time, the series was staring at the new york times list of bestsellers.

Yusuke Murata shared an illustration of the one punch man cast on twitter. The sketch mixes black and white with some colored parts. Yusuke Murata told the fans that the sketch is not ready yet and he will continue to work on it. Yusuke Murata plans to add more colors to the image like he colored Genos

Saitama looks kind of small on the illustration, and although he is in the center of the sketch he kind of gets “lost in the noise”.

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