One Punch Man season 2- Major Changes In The Production

Many One Punch Man fans were shocked to find out the major changes of the One Punch Man season production for season 2. The loved production company  Madhouse is being replaced with J.C. Staff who will take over the animation cudgels.



Us One Punch Man fans like our just as he was in season 1 of one punch man series. The main concern among the community of Anime lover is the things are just not going to stay the same with the new production.

What makes the concerns even worse is the fact that director Shingo Natsume is also not coming back to one punch man second season and the director is going to be someone else. “Yonkou Productions,” said on Twitter that “The sad part about the OPM S2 news isn’t really that it’s not being produced by Madhouse. Its that Shingo Natsume isn’t going to direct it”

The very talented director Shingo Natsume is considered by many to be one of the main reasons for the “One Punch Man season 1” huge success.

It so worth mentioning that Chikara Sakurai who will replace Shingo Natsume is also a much capable director who animated many Naruto episodes. Let us hope he can fill Shingo Natsume big shoes.

The good news is that some of the crew of the original One Punch Man season will return for the second season. Chikashi Kubota will stay character designer. The music will be in the safe hands of Makoto Miyazaki.

One Punch Man Season 2 Confirmed

The talented Makoto Furukawa will be the voice behind our great Saitama.  Kaito Ishikawa will voice Genos.

It is not the first time Madhouse production passing the privilege for the second season to other companies. In fact, Madhouse production company has a reputation among Anime fans for not doing a sequel to their series.

Let us hope that the changes will result in something better and we will be able to watch an even better season of One Punch Man 

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  1. J.C. Staff made pretty decent anime too, although I wish they will be able to produce the same quality as Madhouse did in the first season of One Punch Man, but definitely there will be changes but hoping it won’t be that bad in general. Nonetheless, i am still excited to watch the season 2.

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