No Pokemons on Military Bases

Well, we still can find a couple of gyms inside Military bases and a nice amount of poke stops.

Besides gyms and pokestops, we also have the option of using incense to attract Pokemon to our location, and since incense only affects the player that is using it, and can be used anywhere, there will be no fear of attracting anyone.

Because there are numerous pokestops, the chance to use Lure to attract Pokemons is also a way to play the game, and although Lures affects all players around, you could only see that a Lure is active when you are already close to it anyways. Not to mention that pokestops are in public areas not restricted areas, so again, any chance to attract anyone not authorized is zero.

So, if you been experiencing this “error”, looks like is not an error at all.

Pokemon Go, is still rather new, and maybe this will change and we will see a couple of pokemon roaming around Military Bases, but as for now, we are Pokemon free.

If you are currently a service member that is living inside a Military base and would like the opportunity to play more often, consider teaming up with your friends and making the most of Lures, so everyone can benefit.

Also, you could always go to the Niantic home page and request to see Pokemons inside. I’m sure that if enough people request it, there will have to at least consider adding Pokemons only in the public areas, so all service members and their families could enjoy the game just the same as anybody else.

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