No Pokemons on Military Bases

Since the official release of the Pokemon Go app, millions have been enjoying this game, so much that is predicted that the Pokemon Go app will become even more popular than twitter, (if it hasn’t already).

People everywhere is going out and trying to “catch ’em all”… Well… Almost everywhere.

Besides a couple of countries where the game hasn’t been released yet, Military bases across the U.S. are also Pokemon free.

Although a distinction needs to be pointed out, you can download and play Pokemon on Military Bases, but you won’t find any Pokemons there.

If you are a little confused about this, let me explain it better.

Pokemon Go

It is speculated that the reason for the absence of Pokemons inside Military Bases is to avoid non-authorized people wondering inside while hunting Pokemon.

Or even people just trying to get to restricted areas and using Pokemon as an excuse for being found there.

The reasons behind not finding any Pokemon inside Military bases is only rumours, and if you think about it, is still a reality that no Pokemons are to be found, so rumours or not, doesn’t matter much.

But as said before, you can still play the game. How you might ask?

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