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No Game No Life (ngnl) Season 2 Announced

no game no life season 2 2018 – finally NGNL season 2…

The second season of No Game No Life!?  ngnl season 2 is on its way in 2018!
Yes, it’s correct! for all of you that asked “will no game no life have a second season?” we have an answer for you: The second season of No Game No Life is recently announced!
There had been tons of rumors about this anime is getting a second season which was to somewhat right but today we’re here with the correct and true news regarding the discussion if the show is coming out or not!

No Game No Life Season 2

Let’s shed some light on this anime if you forget!

No Game No Life (ngnl) is a story of a brother and sister, named Sora and Shiro, who both are great gamers and take every other thing as a game, even the world, which they refer to as just another crappy game!


ngnlSeason 2

These two are driven to an alternate world by a boy named ‘God’, who is the master of that world and has prohibited war and declared this world as a place where everything is resolved by playing games, and these good for nothing in real-world brother and sister become the saviour of the alternate world because of their gaming skills! their adventures will continue at season 2.

So, let’s start playing!

Madhouse studio also working on No Game No Life film.

The new season, is expected to come out in the coming winter of 2017!


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