Two Big Manga Ending In August

Two of the most watched and biggest manga of all time are going to end in August, otakus are kind of sad because of this news.

Nisekoi and Bleach Manga Ending

Bleach and Nisekoi, you both are going to be missed!

Next week’s Shonen Jump issue 35 has revealed that the following 36 to 37 double issue will feature the end of both Nisekoi and Bleach.

This news broke hearts of tons of otakus from all around the world.

But there are few surprises!

Both of the Manga, Bleach and Nisekoi will have color pages!

Nisekoi having 25 pages made this even better!

Nisekoi: The fake love story reaches the climax! super center color page, 25 pages special!! What will happen to the love born from a fake! It’ll receive a super anniversary special and have color pages!

Chapter 685 will be the final chapter of Bleach
— YonkouProductions (@YonkouProd) July 27, 2016

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