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New York Times to Stop Publishing Bestseller Lists For Manga, Graphic Novels

The New York Times started distributing its realistic book smash hit records in March 2009. The daily paper has been aggregating the rundowns from “many free book retailers (factually weighted to speak to every single such outlet); national, provincial and nearby chains; on the web and mixed media diversion retailers; college, blessing, general store, markdown retail chains and magazine kiosks” and also “unit deals announced by retailers across the nation that spend significant time in realistic books and comic books.”

ICv2 distributes a month to month rundown of the Nielsen BookScan’s main 20 grown-up realistic books. BookScan rankings speak to deals at Barnes and Noble and other book chains, autonomous bookshops, and online buys — yet not deals at comic book shops, Amazon,, and some different scenes.

Sources: Entertainment Weekly (Nivea Serrao), ICv2 (Milton Griepp)

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