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NBA Player starts an Anime Company – Noir Caesar


NBA players have a reputation for being party lovers and Womanizing bad boys. This is why Johnny O’Bryant stand out in the crowd. Not every day you see a 6-foot-9 center/power forward who likes anime. Johnny O’Bryant who plays for the Charlotte Hornets has another passion but basketball. He is an anime and manga fan. Who could know this big man is a Dragon ball z fan?

JOHNNY O'BRYANT anime Noir Caesa

Not only JOHNNY O’BRYANT is an anime fan, he also founded an anime and manga production studio named Noir Caesar

From their “about” page: “Noir Caesar is a creative agency whose purpose is to create, captivate, and cultivate. Inspired by all forms of art and creation, Noir Caesar will combine its love for fashion, music, and art into a platform for the unheard and unrepresented.”

On school, he watched Gundam WingYu Yu Hakusho and on college, he watched Afro samurai. After his freshman year, he fell in love with an anime fan which later becomes his wife.

O’BRYANT started his manga career writing a manga series called Primus 7. Noir Caesar was launched and almost immediately it had nine manga series with fresh episodes published every Tuesday. The company has a diverse portfolio ranging from post-apocalyptic stories like Primus 7; space sci-fi adventures such as Lux Nova, XOGenasys, and Space Pop; to mystical martial arts tales like Shinto and Arms of the Dragon; to edgy comedy like Playboy.

O’bryand dive into the anime filed starts with Primus 7 based on his manga and a series based on his manga XOGenasys which pilot is made these days.


primus 7 manga


Primus 7 plot

 “Eight months after the death of Primus Resistance leader Sevar Ajamu, his children, Silva and Seven feel destitute and alone. Their purpose was extinguished when Arthur Grove took the power of the World Corps, killing the only man that could bring the world of Primordia back from the brink. Now, on the run with a group of survivors, hiding in sewers, feeding off scraps, the boys wonder would they be better off on their own. Meanwhile, the false hero, Arthur Grove seeks to finish what he started by ridding the world of those that would oppose him. This is what happens when pain manifests into tyranny. The boys will have to make the decision to stand for the people and fight for liberation, or let the Ajamu name fade into memory.” source Crunchyroll 

Let us hope Noir Caesar is the first of many manga and anime production companies that will bring some US imagination into the mostly Japanise governed territory. This will make Anime more varied and special. Soon we will have people wearing Sleek Wristbands with anime slogans on them.


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