The classic is back: follow Nadia and Jean on an adventure in the skies and under the sea. Nothing less than the fate of mankind is at stake.

The most important things in a nutshell:

  • What anime series is it about? “Nadia and the Power of the Magic Stone,” known internationally as “Nadia and the Secret of Blue Water” (and for the hardcore fans, “Fushigi no umi no Nadia,” literally “Nadia of the Mysterious Sea”).
  • Wait, I know that one? That’s right, it’s one of the early anime series that ran on German TV in the 90s. It was last seen in 2002. We’re bringing back the classic.
  • When will “Nadia and the Power of the Magic Stone” be on TV? From December 06, 2021 on ProSiebenMAXX in the AnimeAction, Monday to Friday at 18:30.
  • Is “Nadia and the power of the magic stone” available online? Yes, unlike 30 years ago, you can watch the episodes for free online on prosiebenmaxx.de, the ProSiebenMAXX app and on Joyn after they air.
  • How many episodes of “Nadia and the Power of the Magic Stone” will ProSieben MAXX show? We show the complete series, that is, 39 episodes.
  • Who is “Nadia” by? By Hideaki Anno. You know him, of course: This is the creator of the “Evangelion” franchise – and you can clearly notice his signature in this early work with the complex characters, the detailed drawn mechanics of machines and with the music, which was even partly quoted in “Evangelion”. What’s more, the inspiration came from legendary director Hayao Miyazaki, who was a friend of Anno’s. He developed his film “Castle in the Sky” from it. So the similarities are no coincidence.

The anime action on December 06
16:45 – Inuyasha, double episodes
17:40 – Boruto
18:05 – One Piece (“Zou-Arc”)
18:30 – Nadia and the power of the magic stone
18:55 – Detective Conan (from episode 1)

At the Paris World’s Fair in 1889, 14-year-old inventor Jean wants to impress everyone with his flying machine, but instead, he loses his heart to young tamer Nadia at a circus performance. She is so mysterious and beautiful in the ring, so understanding towards the animals – and so impatient and rough towards people and Jean! But Nadia does not have it easy. Neither her parents nor her home country knows her, she was simply sold to the circus. The only thing she has always had is “Blue Water”, a shimmering stone with strange markings inside.

When technically monstrously upgraded thieves try to take the stone from her and Jean rushes to her aid, both are drawn into an incredible adventure in which Nadia not only finally finds a trace of her parents but Jean encounters highly developed machines whose technology exceeds any imagination. No, the two also uncover a mystery about the origin of mankind!