My Hero Academia Anime movie – “My Hero Accademia THE MOVIE”

A special treat for my hero academia fans. Not long ago we found out that Boku no hero academia new season 3 is coming and now we have some more good news: a full-length anime movie is coming in summer 2018.

the movie is coming

The official twitter of movie announced it. Horikoshi Kouhei, the author of my hero academia will supervise the anime movie filming to ensure the quality of the original My Hero Academia Anime anime will stay in the standards we accustomed to.

The film won’t be a live action film but an animated one. The plot of the film will be original and not based on the stories of the anime. Horikoshi Kouhei in reply to the news about the upcoming movie said: “I think that it will be plenty content such as the past of that character that has not yet been drawn in the manga as well as flashy action unique to movies, so please enjoy it!

Boku no Hero Academia movie

Troubleshooting role · Hiroki Kaji Commented “Thanks to everyone’s support … Finally, it’s a movie version! Moreover, the original story! thank you very much! I am very pleased with the opportunity to enjoy Hiroaka I love with a big screen and powerful sound equipment! Do not worry, even if the mind and body get hot with Hiroaka in summer! Freezing disaster!


The stage of the story is the world where about 80% of the total population is born with some supernatural ability “individuality”.
A hero who was born in “Individuality” as many young people dream of becoming a hero protecting people and society from criminals and enemies “Villan” who exploit “personality” and accidents and disasters · Midori Muroya (Midori and Izuku / commonly known as Deku) entered Yeoh Young High School, a prestigious school for heroes, and will grow with the aim of becoming a single hero.


voice actors: Yamashita Daiki, Miyake Kenta, Okamoto Nobuhiko, Sakura Ayane, Ishikawa Seki, Kaji Hiroki
original work · Overall supervision · Character draft: Horikoshi Kouhei
Director: Kenji Nagasaki
Screenplay: Yosuke Kuroda
Character Design: Yoshihiko Masakoshi
Music: Yuuki Hayashi
Animation Production / Bonds

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