Minecraft Snapshot 21w18a has added new goat mechanics and more!

Minecraft Snapshot 201w18a isn’t the biggest snapshot we ever got, but it still has a good amount of features packed into it. Usually, when we keep getting such short snapshots it’s to ready us for a big snapshot that will eventually come out!

So even though this snapshot is all, brace yourselves, as the next week or the week after that we will get a ton of new features!

Till that happens, why don’t we analyze what’s been added to the game in Snapshot 21w18a?

Infested Block Variants!

In Minecraft infested blocks are nothing more than blocks infested with silverfish. Usually, you’ll find these blocks in dungeons, near the end portal. These blocks carry silverfish which is a hostile mob and has a decent knockback.

As we know new stone variants have been added to the game viz. Deepslate. So now these new blocks will also be infested. Apart from that, the mining speed for these infested blocks has also been increased to maintain the element of surprise for the player.

Goats ram into objects!

Goats have been added to the game a long time ago now, the beta in bedrock already showed us all the features we should expect. The java version of the game is just trying to catch up now.

Goats have unique features that set them apart from the other mobs. Goats jump really high, upto 10 blocks! And they also ram into mobs and trees!

By ramming I mean they ram into players, pushing them. This is really dangerous as goats will mostly spawn on mountains, and if a goat were to ram you on a cliff you’d die for sure.

Along with these noteworthy features, some smaller changes were also made. The ore veins have been adjusted and the spore blossoms will now not waterlog.