Minato Abeno Lucky Dosukebe Figure | UPDATED 2021

Are you a huge fan of anime? Well, in that case, we are sure that you must have either already started or are planning to build your own little anime figure collection.

With the rising popularity of anime throughout the world, a desire to have appealing figures of the same has also arisen in the hearts of many fans. These figures are on the costly end in contrast to other ordinary toys. Hence, one needs to be careful while making their purchase.

One such popular anime figure available in the market is that of the Minato Abeno Lucky Dosukebe Figure. If you’re planning to get that, don’t worry, as we have got you covered!

Lucky Dosukebe Figure

Read on to know more about the same!

Lucky Dosukebe Figure- UPDATED 2021

Let’s learn more about the appealing, curvy figure of the character Minato Abeno from the show Lucky Dosukebe! It is now readily available online. The beautiful anime figure is entirely made of PVC and is a high-rated product on the site with a 4.8-star rating of 5.

Lucky Dosukebe figure is a pre-painted anime figure with a height of 25 centimeters approximately. Additionally, its scale is 1/7, and its weight is 1.58 pounds as per the product description on the website.

As per the manufacturer’s Q-six, the recommended age for playing around or having this figure is 12 or more.

One is advised to remove its parts at their own risk as it can damage the figure at some point. Besides this, the figure is an excellent representation of Minato-chan from the show Lucky Dosukebe!

As this figure comes with a micro-bikini, you can also have fun playing around while changing its outfits and looks.

It has been made by artists known as An Aomizu and Maron Maron. Both An Aomizu and Maron Maron are also famous for their other popular creations and works in the market.

Its suntanned version is also available and is quite an exciting pick to opt for with slightly different features in terms of hair, eyes, etc.

Minato Abeno

Specifications of the figure available online

Package Dimensions: 13.27 x 8.19 x 7.72 inches


Best Seller’s Rank: #718,285 in Toys & Games

Lucky Dosukebe Kouhen

Lucky Dosukebe Kouhen

Lucky Dosukebe Kouhen refers to the various sequels of Lucky Dosukebe! These include four different parts that can easily be found online at various ad-free websites and more! It is based on a famous Japanese Manga or Comic book.

On the internet, one can find Lucky Dosukebe Kouhen in 7 different languages. The various genres of the same are as follows:

  • Group sex, non-consent
  • Netorare
  • Cheating
  • Public sex
  • Mature

The above-mentioned content falls in the Abeno Minato Hentai category.


Minato Abeno Hentai

Minato Abeno Hentai refers to the various pornographic videos available on the internet starring the animated character Minato Abeno from the show Lucky Minato Abeno! This can be found easily on many websites. However, the recommended age for the same is 18+.

The various genres that can be found for the same are those mentioned above. Most of the videos available come with subtitles. However, it can be found in 7 different languages ranging from English to Japanese.


Building your anime collection: What to take care of!

With the growing craze for manga and anime in the market, several artificial, well-painted figures of the same are now available in the market with ease. As you begin to build your anime collection, there are certain things you must keep in mind!

We have listed these out for you to make your bit simpler:

1. Considering what to buy

Before you jump into the process of shopping and spending money, you need to pause and think! What kind of anime figures do you want or need? Once you do that, you can begin!

Do you wish to get action figures or other anime character figurines? There’s a diverse market for all!

It is recommended that you first begin by collecting your favorite anime action figures and then move onto the other characters.

2. Check the figure for any damages

When you go to the shops, please ensure that the figure you’re about to buy isn’t damaged in any way. This could include chipped paint, broken parts, loose parts, etc. If such things do exist, the price and value of the product are likely to vary. You shouldn’t invest in such figures.

3. Be cautious of fake figures in the market

You should be very cautious while purchasing your figure. Many fakes are now available in the market too. They are usually of lower quality and are defective in some way or the other. Investing in such products could prove to be a loss in terms of durability in the long run!

Hence, doing some detailed research to find out the difference between real and fake figures may be important.

4. Consult price guides before making a purchase

It is best to consult different price guides before buying your anime figure. This is necessary so that you do not end up paying more than you should have.

For this purpose, many reliable price guides can be found online!

5. Know your seller

It is always recommended to know the seller that you are buying your desired anime figures from. You must read the feedback and reviews given to the seller, go through buying guides, and then make your purchase.

6. Know the terms and conditions before making a purchase

It’s best to be fully familiar with the various terms and conditions related to the sale of your anime figures. This could include warranty periods, shipping charges, guarantees, and other policies of the seller.

 Having information about all this is important to check on the authenticity of the brand and product you’re investing money in.

Pros and cons of purchasing anime figures

Just like any other product, the famously loved anime figurines too have their own set of pros and cons related to price, quality, durability, and much more. The various pros and cons of investing money in various anime figures, including the Minato Abeno Lucky Dosukebe figure, are as follows:


  • Money spent on the figure goes back to the industry
  • Can be posed in many positions
  • Some are made of very high quality
  • Have amazing aesthetic features and designs
  • Can be very durable if taken care of properly


  • Some are extremely fragile and of low quality
  • May break easily if not taken care of
  • This leads to less space for storage of other things as the collection gets larger


Where to get anime figures from?

Today, the anime figurine market is thriving! There are several recognized and non-recognized sellers of the same selling these products! However, certain platforms are reliable and from where one can be confident while making a purchase.

Some of these have been mentioned below:

1. Online stores and websites

Online stores and websites are some of the most reliable sources for buying your anime figures. These are usually equipped with the right, reliable, and proper images of the product, along with customer reviews and feedback. This may be present in the form of star ratings or comments.

Additionally, they include details about the product in the product description section and mention the manufacturer’s name and links too.

The only problem here could either be outbidding by others or the products running out of stock easily.

2. Classified advertisements

Browsing through classified ads before making an anime figure purchase is also a good idea. You can click on these ads, which will direct you to the source or website from where you can get the anime figure from.

These usually include a whole range of options to choose from. After analyzing all possible choices available to you, you can arrive at a conclusion based on your budget, your liking, and the quality of the product.

3.  Anime figurine collectors

Anime figurine collectors are also a good source of getting your manga figures from. However, you must check on their authenticity before getting in contact with them or sending money.

Summing Up

Minato Abeno Lucky Dosukebe figure is one of the many anime figures you can easily find online! Known for its excellent detailed features, this figure is popular. It can be found in two different types, tanned and non-tanned. Additionally, one can also play around with its outfits and dress the figurine up according to their preference.

As the figurine is of a character belonging to a hentai content show, its use is recommended for people above 13 or above 18 years of age. Moreover, one can also find various movie sequels and videos of the same online in 7-8 different languages ranging from the English language to Japanese supported by subtitles.

While purchasing your figurine, some points must be kept in mind! We advise you to go through the above-mentioned information for the same! Building the right desired anime collection is now just one step away for you.