Kill La Kill Season 2 Release Date Announced

Kill La Kill Brief:

 Season 2 of the series

The story of the anime series Kill La Kill, revolves around Ryuuko Matoi, a 17-year-old girl, who travels around with her most powerful weapon, which is basically a scissor in half. She travels around to find the other owner of the other half of the scissor cause that’s the part which killed her father, Isshin Matoi. She then enrolls herself in Honnouji Academy, located in Tokyo Bay. The pupils are always in fear of the president of the ruthless student council. Her name is Satsuki Kiryuin. The students of the council wear this special uniform named Gakusei(Goku), which provides them with superpowers. Satsuki followers wear powerful Three-Star Goku Uniform and are known as Elite Four. This uniform is made up of a very rare and special material called Life Fibers and only Ryuko’s half scissor blade can cut through this uniform. Ryuuko in aspiration of finding her father’s killer challenged the council and fails, after that she discovers an old sailor uniform in the basement of her house, it was basically a sentient sailor uniform which was named Senketsu by Ryuuko. After combining her scissor blade with her newly discovered Senketsu, she decided to challenge the council again but Satsuki decided to exploit her uniform by passing the challenge to a new member of the council. Using the Senketsu, Ryuuko is now able to defeat the council and reveal the identity of the person who killed her father.

Kill La Kill hero

30 thoughts on “Kill La Kill Season 2 Release Date Announced”

  1. Okay so the article is titled “KLK season 2 release date”
    “the sad news comes when we get to know that Studio Trigger has yet not confirmed a second season”
    well fuck you too

  2. Firstly, fuck your click bait.
    Secondly, why doesn’t anyone understand that Kill La Kill tied up all of the loose ends for a reason? It was a good show and ended a good show. Making a second season would require shoe horning a new conflict and pulling some contrived reason for characters to reappear. It would feel forced and reheated and use up ideas that could be used to make a new show.

    • It wasn’t all serious until like halfway through, seeing more Kill la Kill like that would be nice

    • I’ve went of troubles to register an account just so I could up vote you comment. Clickbaitfuckers. I am blacklisting this piece of a shit website. Even Kotaku with their “hot titles” is not so cheap. “otakudiary” – change name to “hoe diary”. Suits you better.

    • At the end of the last episode ragyo says that she will be back and we don’t know what happens to her assistant

      • Watch the Special Episode. There is one last battle staged by the assistant (but who died stays dead so no psycho mom also Senketsu is still ashes) and everyone part their ways. That’s the end.

  3. Glad it’s a myth. It had a good complete ending. That’s the best any work can hope for, to end properly when it’s time and stay buried while we remember our time with it fondly rather than it being continuously dug up to have its undead teets milked for more money.

  4. LOL, you’re lucky you’re not writing an article on an ACTUAL website that gives people real information instead of sucking up money with advertisements. Otherwise your ass would be fired if you wrote something like this, just blatantly lying about information. You should be ashamed. Here’s some advice: Go get a real job, basement dweller.

  5. Thanks for the Clickbait title. Because of that I will never visit this site. So don’t blame me, Cya dan have a good day.

    • Almost…. You use this word but do not know its meaning. Barely a bit over half year passed an you say its almost over?

  6. Not only is it clickbait and says they have no confirmed ANYTHING, they can’t even code the shitty page right

  7. Okay, just gonna come out and say it and, normally, I don’t use the N-word much (and neither do I claim and N-word privilages) but, here it comes,….

    …..Really Nigga?

    We all know that Trigger hasn’t stated either way if there was going to be a Season 2, however, they are leaning more towards there not being one and, frankly, I don’t think the series really needs one.

    There is no Season 2 and, if you want one, then, well, write some fanfics of how you’d like it to go, after all, that seems much better , or, alternatively, you could watch Luluco, as that seems to take place in the same crazy-ass hell universe.

    Please, stop this clickbait and giving people’s hopes up, okay.

  8. I’d like to request some of the 5 cents that you made off of me.
    Also, I still used adblock on this page, and completely went through your tyrannical “pls stop using adblock :(” banner.

    • Same here..I was like.. maybe I should disable it.. oh wait this is pretty extreme.. fuck it I’ll just block the three elements. Then see it was a click bait article over five pages so it justified me doing it IMO.

  9. What the fuck is this? Is this all journalism is nowadays? Finding a thing people love and writing an ‘article’ about it where you make completely unprecedented claims just to get people’s hopes up? Than tease that the release date is on the 5th page of the article, meanwhile filling the middle 3 pages with random fan art and no words whatsoever, and then on the last page saying, “Yea, no, just kidding! They said maybe, but its not official, so yea, I dunno, whatever, MAYBE! Lets hope!” Without any pettiness intended and with all name-calling and saltiness aside, with the utmost honestly and absolute sincerity, I really mean this… fuck you.

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