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Kill La Kill Season 2 Release Date Announced

Kill La Kill sequel – when will it come?


Kill La Kill Brief:

 Season 2 of the series

The story of the anime series Kill La Kill, revolves around Ryuuko Matoi, a 17-year-old girl, who travels around with her most powerful weapon, which is basically a scissor in half. She travels around to find the other owner of the other half of the scissor cause that’s the part which killed her father, Isshin Matoi. She then enrolls herself in Honnouji Academy, located in Tokyo Bay. The pupils are always in fear of the president of the ruthless student council. Her name is Satsuki Kiryuin. The students of the council wear this special uniform named Gakusei(Goku), which provides them with s uperpowers. Satsuki followers wear powerful Three-Star Goku Uniform and are known as Elite Four. This uniform is made up of a very rare and special material called Life Fibers and only Ryuko’s half scissor blade can cut through this uniform. Ryuuko in aspiration of finding her father’s killer challenged the council and fails, after that she discovers an old sailor uniform in the basement of her house, it was basically a sentient sailor uniform which was named Senketsu by Ryuuko. After combining her scissor blade with her newly discovered Senketsu, she decided to challenge the council again but Satsuki decided to exploit her uniform by passing the challenge to a new member of the council. Using the Senketsu, Ryuuko is now able to defeat the council and reveal the identity of the person who killed her father.


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