Kill La Kill Fanservice Gone Too Far[NSFW]




2 thoughts on “Kill La Kill Fanservice Gone Too Far[NSFW]”

  1. This series never took the fanservice too far. If you consider that everyone got naked, including all the male characters. Okay, there was that crazy incestuous mom……

  2. Yet is really provocative, it isn’t like other fanservices that go really sexual and in first plane. This is kinda ¿erotic? It’s very standardized the nudity in and out of the fictional world and animation..
    I understand the term “fanservice” like the need for something that catches the attention of viewers, since the plot is weak / light / etc or others issues. I didn’t see this in Kill la Kill, it raises from a good animation studio and the plot is something new for me and really hilarious. Personally I really hate fanservice, I dropped a lot of projects with incest, ecchi, sexual nonsense, etc. but for some reason I don’t feel unconfortable at all with this. The show is presented with this kind of nudity since the first chapter, I’m glad to not find this like a surprise in middle of the story..
    Being so natural, makes it fanservice?

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